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2016 May

Ant meeting #sketchdaily TIL that the ant from Bug's Life doesn't have the correct number of limbs. Antz was more accurate
Hypnotic Specter #sketchdaily #mtg Often referred to lovingly by old-school MTG players as "Hippie" [Reddit] Okay, maybe it's cheating a bit on the theme, but if you saw one of those IRL you might think you're on drugs! A stretch? Haha
The Tlavonian Republic is located in the temperate regions of the the largest continent, of which it is the most powerful civilization. They are best known for their domestication of moose, which they use for Cavalry.
Arrow #sketchdaily the pose is based on David Aja's Hawkeye cover

2016 April

Shishio #sketchdaily (maybe I'll complete the rest of the scene someday)
Lucina, Whose Head Looks A Bit Too Big #sketchdaily
Tormented gate stone golem (from Darksiders) #sketchdaily
Today's #sketchdaily theme was "platypus". I think we had a stuffed platypus on display back in HS...
More Disney today #sketchdaily I haven't seen this movie but I imagine I'd be bothered that the teapot's handle is on the back while the cup's handle is a nose
Feeling a bit crabby today so just a quick Disney character #sketchdaily
Some quick figure drawing practice #sketchdaily
Happy birthday! #sketchdaily
After three days in a cave... #sketchdaily
Trying out perspectives again #sketchdaily
Practicing three-point perspective #sketchdaily (needs improvement)
Cotton candy #sketchdaily
Cigarette smoking man #sketchdaily
Booster Gold #sketchdaily
Batgirl #sketchdaily
Alien #sketchdaily