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As May streaks to the end, the rains start coming more often, though mostly in the early mornings for now. Hopefully we start to get less of this really intense heat.

My Week

  • The week wasn't especially busy, but also not very productive, mostly because of Zelda (see below)
  • Some remnant errands this week, mostly involving waiting around in doctor's offices.
  • Trivia team attended another quiz night last Thursday. It was a challenging set and a low-scoring game and we thought we were doing terribly, but actually ended up 1pt away from first place!

Media Diet

  • Gaming:

    • Saturday: Hung out all day at a friend's house to play boardgames. This was our third session playing Arkham Horror LCG, specifically the Path to Carcosa campaign. It's been huge fun although each scenario takes a few hours. We are only two scenarios away from completing the campaign, so we plan to try to finish it probably the week after next.
    • Single player: As could be expected, most of my gaming this past week went to Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The game is great, there's so much stuff to do and it's super easy to get distracted by something you just saw in passing or in the distance and time passes so quickly etc etc. Also I am reminded of how great the Switch is especially for on-the-go gaming. I brought it with me for some of this week's excursions and I got in a couple of hours of the game while waiting at a doctor's office and in between rounds during boardgame day. Also, it made me open this Amiibo I've had unboxed for six years!
    • Online: Magic Arena, Eternal and Marvel Snap daily grinding continue as usual. Also did some more March of the Machine drafting, unstreamed.
    • Also, I managed to play a bit of the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta last Friday, whee! Game performance was okay, though I was not very good at the actual online matches and landed in Bronze (and got close to finding out what was below Bronze!) I don't think I fully understand the uses of the drive system yet and the hit boxes and hit/block animations all feel a bit weird to me, but that might be just because everything is different from SFV. Looking forward to the full release soon!
  • Reading: I still have not yet selected a new book to read next. Reading a lot of comics still. Feed reader backlog: 97 items.

  • Watching: For some reason I decided to watch Police Story 3 earlier this past week. Also trying to catch up with The Flash. I am not happy with where the show is going, but it's the final season I figure I can power through it and get some closure! Also there are so many movies I want to watch!


This past week (Sunday thru Saturday), Fitbit says I walked a total of 71,140 steps and burned 25,428 calories. I am actually surprised I am able to keep up this pace; a lot of days I wake up lazy and miss the morning walk and am like "How will I ever make up those steps?" yet somehow I still get there.

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This coming week (and beyond)

Next weekend I will be out of town with family and the Monday after I am hanging out with some friends all day so the next weeknotes might be a day or two late.

The rest of the week doesn't seem too busy.

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