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April is ending, it's gonna be May, hopefully bringing us nearer to an end to this unforgiving summer heat. This month's Meralco bill is the highest since May 2020 (I have no idea what happened at that time), so some relief would be nice.

My Week

A Photo I Took While Out Walking

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English translation: Do not throw kittens here: karma exists. (The nearby house has CCTV)
English translation: Do not throw kittens here: karma exists. (The nearby house has CCTV)

Media Diet

  • Gaming:

    • Single player: Just a bit of Witcher 3 this past week. Finished Death's Door and wrote the review.
    • Online: Magic Arena, Eternal and Marvel Snap daily grinding continue as usual, although Eternal is starting to feel a bit neglected as I am playing it much less regularly than the others. March of the Maching drafting continues, though I still haven't found my legs in this format and continue to do poorly. Struggling to get into Mythic for constructed this month as well. The Snap season is close to ending as well, and I am doing much worse there - I am still below the rank where I started the month!
  • Reading: Have started reading and am a few chapters into Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Nevin; enjoying it immensely as it feels like it was written for gaming nerds of my cohort. Still reading comics, although have pushed off the next Complete Marvel Run update for a couple of weeks now, hope to get it done this week.

  • Watching: Started watching The Blacklist S10, working my way through it slowly. Finished the Mandalorian season 3! No new movies seen this week.


This past week (Sunday thru Saturday), Fitbit says I walked a total of 70,168 steps and burned 24,842 calories. I have been maintaing 70k steps per week for six weeks now; I believe April is now my best month of walking since June 2019 (when I spent an entire month being a tourist).

Because this week was terrible, I do not have any new links to share this week. Check out the linkblog for past links!

This coming week (and beyond)

We have a quiz night coming up this week. Guardians 3 is coming out this week and the early reviews look good, am hyped! One week closer to Tears of the Kingdom!

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