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My Week

  • Wrote about some blogging things: Good Enough For Now

  • My mom's phone, a Redmi 9, always has trouble because it only has 32gb of storage and is always running out of space. I ordered a new SD card for her phone and put in with the intent of moving some of her apps over to the SD card so that she would have more space available, but it turns out that feature was removed from Android some versions ago! That was quite annoying.

  • My own phone's backplate is falling off randomly and so I also ordered a new casing for it to help keep it in place (previously I was just using it commando). Will probably need to get a new one when my plan is up for renewal in July, and maybe pass the old one to my mom?

  • Speaking of phones, the deadline for the new Sim Registration Law is coming up this week (as Globe helpfully decided to remind us via emergency alerts the past few days), and the past couple of weeks I had to help some relatives do the sim registration.

  • Friday: Watched a movie in the cinemas and spent some time playing Arkham Horror LCG at a friend's house

Media Diet

  • Gaming:

    • Single player: Took a break from Witcher 3 this past week to focus on a shorter game: Death's Door, a Zelda-like that was available on PC game pass. I have just completed the game and will write the review this week.
    • Online: Magic Arena, Eternal and Marvel Snap daily grinding continue as usual. I've started streaming March of the Machine drafts on Arena. You can follow along via the MTGMOM tag on this site, or the Youtube playlist. Feed reader backlog: 29 items.
  • Reading: Still mostly just comics. Have delayed the next Complete Marvel Run update until this week, to include some newer series that are wrapping up. Also still need to read a new book!

  • Watching: Finished The Blacklist S9; will wait to write the review until after S10 finishes later this year. Finished Star Trek Picard. Watched The Super Mario Bros Movie (2023) at the cinemas with some friends.


This past week (Sunday thru Saturday), Fitbit says I walked a total of 70,776 steps and burned 25,358 calories. I believe I am on track for April to be the first month where I hit a 10k steps daily average.

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This coming week (and beyond)

Next weekend: Arena Open, Ludum Dare 53

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