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It's April! It has been a week. Donald Trump makes history (again) as the first former US president to be indicted. Elon open sources the Twitter "algorithm", promptly discovers there is an is_elon flag in there.

My Week

I came back from four days in Singapore.

Had to deal with some webmention spam.

The rest of my week was spent catching up with errands and backlogs piled up over the four days I was gone, and trying to get back into my daily rhythms. Those rhythms are easily disrupted! Errands included bank stuff, buying meds, and various end-of-month responsibilities.

Trivia team attended a quiz night last Thursday and CRUSHED IT!

Media Diet

  • Gaming:

    • Single player: I finished Return to Monkey Island this past weekend! Still considering whether I will attempt completion before writing a review post, some of these achievements look quite tedious. I think I'm also close to finishing the Witcher 3 main quest (about to head off to the Isle of Mists), after which I can play the DLCs that I haven't actually played yet.
    • Online: Magic Arena and Eternal daily grinding continuing, not much of note. Well, I did finish Arena in Mythic this month after a long drought. I also got to my highest rank ever in Marvel Snap, thanks to playing it a lot during the trip. Still not infinite though.
  • Reading: Still mostly just comics. Should start digging into an actual book again soon.

  • Watching: Not a lot. Still working my way through S9 of The Blacklist. There are so many new series / seasons I want to watch though. (Last of Us, Picard, Mandalorian, etc etc)


This past week (Sunday thru Saturday), Fitbit says I walked a total of 70,402 steps and burned 27,827 calories. These are the highest weekly totals for the year so far, but both numbers are probably inaccurate. There was a stretch of walking around 2.5k steps where I didn't realize until too late that I wasn't wearing my Fitbit, so the step count is probably a bit higher. And for some reason, the calorie count actually increased during that period for some unknown reason, so the calories total is suspiciously high!

I used to be in "beat last week's totals" mode, but now that I'm past 70k steps per week I'm in more of a "just maintain this level of walking" mode.

Check out the linkblog for more links!

This coming week

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, which means of course the traditional Holy Week observances for the country are happening this week. Frankly I could use a chill week.

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