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My Week

It's the second week of March, yet for some strange and nice reason the past few days have not yet been that hot, with the mornings and evenings a bit nippy even. The last gasps of the hanging amihan holding on before eventually giving way to the brutal summer heat.

I suspect I won't have a lot to write about today. My week wasn't particularly busy, but was littered with reminders of how the universe has no particular obligation to respect one's plans.

Globe gave us our first internet outage of the year this week. This time it was a "just our house" and not "entire area" kind of problem, so I wasn't able to find anyone on Twitter to commiserate with, but thankfully it was resolved quickly.

The World

Tech: A lot of startups are in peril; a big silicon valley bank (conveniently named "Silicon Valley Bank") collapsed over the weekend, threatening the rest of the financial system. Elon Musk mouthed off against Iceland's disabled 2022 person of the year before backpedalling probably on advice of his lawyers.

Movies: Everything Everywhere All At Once dominated the Oscars! It's actually super rare that the Oscar Best Picture winner is a film I've seen before it won. I count only EEAAO and Parasite within the past 10 years.

Media Diet

  • Playing:

    • Single player: Still playing Witcher 3 (island hopping, fighting beasties). Started playing Return to Monkey Island! Also been randomly playing UMVC3 mainly because I've been reading comics; just doing arcade runs for achievement purposes.
    • Online: Still doing some All Will Be One drafting on Magic Arena, a lot of it off-stream even. Eternal, Marvel Snap still ongoing.
  • Reading: finished reading Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkman.

  • Watching: Nothing much this week, though I am already on S7 of The Blacklist. I should finish it already so I can watch other things.

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This coming week

Nothing specific of note, though at some point I should probably start prepping for a trip I'm taking the week after.

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