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"Everything happens so much"

My Week

February is ending, time marches on relentlessly.

This past week was mostly about family for me. An aunt came in from the province to stay with us for a bit. My dad and pamangkin #3 celebrated their birthdays. We all met up at an upscale mall yesterday to celebrate, and it's always fun when all the cousins get to hang out and play together.

Our President, in his wisdom (?), decided to declare the 24th a holiday on the night before, upsetting a lot of people. My niece told me she was mad because they had a school event planned that got cancelled right before their term break. And his EDSA message that I was looking forward to turned out pretty boring.

I did manage to get some gamedev work in this past week though. I had decided to do some post-jam work on USG2, doing bugfixes, tweaking some params, playing around with fonts, and even implementing new enemy ships:

The NYT acrostics are going away on March 1st. I've sent support requests in asking that they at least keep the archives up, but they have fallen on deaf ears. As such, during the past few days, the trivia team and I have had more frequest Discord sessions to try to cover as much of the backlog as we can. I do also have backup plans in place for when they take them down, though I'm still hoping they change their mind. Thinking of streaming one of our sessions live over Twitch, maybe on the last day.

On the blog this week: Two Things I'd Like That Will Never Happen, Managing Your Workload

Media Diet

  • Gaming:

    • Single player: Still playing Witcher 3 (playing Gwent, smiting bandits). Also thinking about starting a new PC game pass game already.
    • Online: Did some more drafts of All Will Be One on Magic Arena. Eternal, Marvel Snap still ongoing. Also, lots of new MTG announcements this past week. Next few months are packed! MOM, MOM:A, Shadows over Innistrad Remastered, LOTR. Arena players are getting some good stuff especially.
  • Books: Still haven't started any new ones yet.

  • Movies: Not much, but I did manage to watch half of Puss In Boots The Last Wish with one of my nieces while they were visiting, not sure when we can finish it.

  • TV: Still watching The Blacklist, already in S5! I told myself after S4 I'd take a break to watch other stuff, but apparently not!

  • A blog post is a very long and complex search query to find fascinating people and make them route interesting stuff to your inbox:

    "A blog post is a search query. You write to find your tribe; you write so they will know what kind of fascinating things they should route to your inbox. If you follow common wisdom, you will cut exactly the things that will help you find these people."

  • The (extremely) loud minority | Andy Bell:

    Now when you look at it like that, it makes you wonder why we give these people such a large stage while the very quiet majority don’t get a voice at all. The very quiet majority are out there building more than 90% of the web, after all.

  • Keanu Reeves Will Never Surrender to the Machines | WIRED: Great interview which includes Keanu commenting on our modern tech dystopia

    "I was trying to explain the plot of The Matrix to this 15-year-old once, and that the character I played was really fighting for what was real. And this young person was just like, “Who cares if it’s real?” People are growing up with these tools: We’re listening to music already that’s made by AI in the style of Nirvana, there’s NFT digital art. It’s cool, like, Look what the cute machines can make! But there’s a corporatocracy behind it that’s looking to control those things. Culturally, socially, we’re gonna be confronted by the value of real, or the nonvalue. And then what’s going to be pushed on us? What’s going to be presented to us?"

Check out the linkblog for more links!

This coming week

Nothing much planned. Some more medical errands. Should really start a new book. And I kinda wanna get back into sketching again.

Also, I believe there's an Arena Open this weekend, but not yet sure if I can play. Might depend on how this week's drafts go.

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