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Four weeks in! January is nearing it's end. Time still flies faster than I expect.

Middays are starting to get hotter, but the nights are still pretty brisk, making nighttime walks very comfortable. My walking discipline has been very good the past week as well.

Finished the last of this batch of start-of-year medical errands this week. A lighter load, mostly teleconsults and routine check-ups. After this, the medical errands should be sporadic until they all come together again in April.

On I wrote:

After we finished the first jigsaw puzzle a while back, Ma started working on the new one, which is roughly twice as large. We have been at this one for two weeks now!

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Thursday: I went in to be checked for new glasses. Apparently I am already of that age where progressives would be needed. I believe these are the most expensive I've ever paid for. Need to wait a week or so before they come in, hopefully there are no issues.

Sunday: Chaos in the household as all the pamangkins were here. Our family celebrates three different birthdays this coming week, so we tend to have a combined celebration. Always enjoy playing with the kids. One of my nieces has a "favorite tree" right outside our house.

GameDev: Ludum Dare 52 results are out! My entry did relatively well in the "fun" category, but overall I have yet to beat the scores of my very first entry. (Though in terms of absolute ranking, this one is my best so far.) Will try to see where we can improve. Am planning to do some post-Jam work on this one.

Gaming: Still playing Witcher 3 (running around playing Gwent, hunting monsters). Arena, Eternal, Marvel Snap still ongoing. Haven't streamed in a while, will see if I can get something out this week.

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This coming week

The LD52 game jam rating period ends on Friday, hoping for a good outcome!

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