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Another week?!? They just keep coming!

At least this past week had more pleasant weather, a lot less rain, which made my daily walks a lot easier.

My medical errands failed and got delayed this week, mostly because they had trouble drawing blood from me for my regular blood tests. The person doing the draws at the nearby clinic always has trouble with my veins, but it was so bad this time that they gave up. Will try again when I accompany my mom to a bigger clinic this coming week. I have been poked with a needle so many times.

Work on my post-NY tasks continues apace.

I haven't played actual paper MTG in forever, but this past Sunday I went out on a friend's invitation to draft a box of Strixhaven with her group at a nearby (~20 minute drive) local Magic shop. I haven't been to that area since the before times and I was surprised at how things have changed; the shop wasn't even in the same spot anymore! Anyway, it was fun meeting new people and drafting paper Magic again. I put together a decent Lorehold (R/W) build, but only went 2-2. I possibly lost one of my matches because I had forgotten how Swords to Plowshares works!

I was honestly a bit anxious about the weekend because I didn't know how I felt about still coming back to paper Magic. Part of me feels like I should stick with the convenience of Arena. But while we were playing, a small sealed tournament (apparently a regional championships qualifier) was going on in the shop's play area, and I recognized many of the players as the regular grinders from back when I still regularly played competitively and NGL as I observed some of their matches I realized I still missed this kind of scene. It's still wildly inconvenient and time-consuming to be attending tournaments, so IDK if I really will try it again, but I can't deny it has it's appeal for me.

I went to the nearby mall for some errands afterwards. When I queued for a taxi home after having dinner there I was reminded of why I disliked going out in Metro Manila over the past few years. I was in that queue for the better part of an hour and my back ached. I even tried booking a Grab while I was in line, but no luck. It was so bad and the queue was so long, I offered the next person in line (a mother with her child) to share the cab with them and drop them off as their destination was on the way to mine. At least helping to move the queue along!

Metro Manila traffic is another con to the idea of playing paper Magic regularly again!

Gamedev: I've been rating and giving feedback to other games from the recent game jam. My own game is still a couple of ratings short of the required 20, but we should get there with time to spare (still 11 days to go in the rating period). The feedback this time has been quite good, and I'm seriously considering working on this game some more in the next month or two and then selling the new version on I will wait for the jam results before deciding if I should move forward.

Gaming: I have mostly finished Citizen Sleeper, but I am not yet achievement complete, which requires me doing another run or two, which I'm not sure I have time for, so I'll probably write the review for it already this week so I can move on.

Media Diet: Watched my first few movies of the year this past week: Good Will Hunting, The Pale Blue Eye and Battle of the Super-Sons. Setting it up so my reviews on letterboxd get syndicated back here to the site was a good call, made it much easier to post movie reviews. Should probably do the same for goodreads and books.

I still don't have any links today. I've been going through the reader backlogs and marking articles to come back to later, but I don't have anything to share yet.

This coming week: Gonna be a busy one for the family. More medical errands, including the ones from last week that got delayed and a bunch for the parentals as well. Plus Chinese New Year is next weekend, we might go to my brother's house to celebrate.

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