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This is a personal year in review. You can check the yearnotes tag for previous years-in-review. Last year's review is here.

Essay-writing section

In many ways, 2022 felt like an extension of 2021 for me personally. I think I was mostly doing the same things and not really expanding my horizons too much.

For the world, it was a challenging year. Russia's invasion of Ukraine caused ripples that not only threaten world stability but also affected the global economy. The PH elections had a not-unexpected but still sad outcome. In the tech world, Musk's acquisition of Twitter threatens to accelerate the collapse of the old social-media paradigm.

The country largely started lifting most COVID restrictions this year, though many people are still masking. My parents and I managed to get second COVID booster doses. With the easing of restrictions, we were able to spend more quality time with my brothers and their families. We also got a new family member: Pamangkin#7 (Niece#4) was born in October.

In the later part of the year, one of my oldest friends passed away unexpectedly. I was unable to attend the wake in Singapore because my passport had lapsed. The sadness still lingers whenever I look back at 2022.

Professionally, this was another hiatus year for me (see work stats below), same as last year. Repeating from last year: privilege, tired of capitalism, wandering through life finding interesting things, etc.

Financially, my savings dipped a bit, as could be expected. My expenses were actually only 75% of the previous year's expenses, so that's nice. However, the poor stock market and crypto performance this year hit my savings/net worth/runway a bit (yes, I still have a bit of crypto), adding to the year's losses. Everything is still manageable, but with record-high inflation, I'm starting to worry. Well, worry more than usual.

My only major expense of the year was buying a new PC in late December.

Because of the above I have been thinking of already looking for new part-time or full-time work this coming year. At the same time I am still really enjoying these hiatus years and all the time to pursue my interests and entertainment. And actually my personal savings runway is still significant, so that might be a bit of a tossup for now. Though I do worry that maybe taking a third hiatus year in a row would be like crossing a rubicon that I can never come back from.

2022 In Numbers

Once again, the main reason this post took a while to come out is that I took some time to put these stats together.

Work, Travel, Learning and Self Improvement

  • Hours worked: 0, same as last year.
    • Before working on this post, I actually thought I did some work in the early part of 2021, but turns out I was remembering 2020 instead (time flowed differently during the pandemic), so this is actually my second hiatus year in a row! I am privileged that I can live this way, but I'm not sure how much longer it can last.
  • Programming languages/frameworks learned: 0 (1 last year). :sadface:
  • Duolingo streak: 1448 days (from 1082 last year).
    • Once again, the math here doesn't add up, since 1448 - 1082 is only 363. And once again, I'm pretty sure I never broke the Duolingo streak this year, not even with a streak freeze! I am currently very doubtful about the effectiveness of Duolingo, mostly because when Spanish questions appear in crosswords, I always have trouble remembering even the simplest ones! I would guess that I'm at the stage where if I want to further improve in Spanish or Japanese I need more focused effort, and I don't think I have the time for that. That being said, the cost to keep going with Duolingo is low (around 5 minutes a day), so I don't expect to stop anytime soon.
    • There was a Duolingo year in review!
  • Other countries visited: 0! I did take a trip with my parents to Bicol in July to attend a cousin's wedding though.

On this site

Also, here's a wordcloud for 2022:



  • Facebook: 0 posts and 2 comments. I had to post some comments in one of my FB groups.
  • Twitter: 773 tweets (down from 1262 last year).
  • Instagram: 41 photos. Vs 26 last year.
  • Reddit:
    • 3 submissions (6 last year)
    • 73 comments (388 last year) - huge drop because I stopped posting to r/Sketchdaily!
    • There's a Reddit Recap!
  • Full live stats for content on this site and social media activity available here.

Content creation

  • Twitch streaming:
    • Twitch Recap 2022
    • streamed on 51 separate days, for a total streaming time of 136 hours, up from 38 days/88.45 hours last year
    • currently at 35 followers, +12 from last year
  • Youtube:
    • 56 Youtube videos uploaded!
    • I've also been trying to stream more non-MTG videos, so 11 of the uploaded YT videos are actually of me playing other games.
  • Gamedev:
  • Sketching:
    • r/sketchdaily: 63 sketches submitted for the year, down from 365 last year.
    • I mostly stopped sketching regularly this year, though I still try to upload some of my doodles from time to time.

Media consumption


  • Games purchased (not including any I got for free for some reason): 27, mostly from Humble bundles, down from 67 last year.
    • Steam purchases (3): No standalone game purchases, only DLC for multiplayer games I was playing with friends!
      • Root Exiles & Partisans DLC
      • Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion DLC
      • Gloomhaven Solo Scenarios DLC
    • Humble (24)
      • 12 games Feb Humble Choice
      • 12 games Sep Humble Choice
    • No PS4 or Nintendo Switch purchases this year!
  • New subscriptions: PC Game Pass! There was a promo from Grab last year that got me the first 3 months free. I wasted most of that time, but since then I have managed to finish 2 games on PCGP and am already playing another.
  • My gaming spend is waaay down this year compared to last year, if you don't count buying a new PC. No standalone game purchases!
  • Games "finished" (story/campaign completed OR achievement complete OR played a bunch of multiplayer on): 13, up from 12 last year.
    • The list.
    • By genre: 5 RPGs, 2 metroidvanias, a boardgame, a fighting game, a platformer, a puzzle game, and one I can't classify.
    • By platform: 7 on Steam, 4 on Switch, 2 on PC game pass, 1 on mobile, 0 on PS4
  • Steam:
  • Nintendo Switch:
    • Playtime this year: 186 hours (estimate), down from 75 hours last year. Nintendo provided a Switch year in review again, but I had to do the totals myself.
  • CCGs
  • Fighting games
    • Street Fighter V: Managed achievement completion! Am now retired from this game!
  • Average points per turn in Words with Friends: 28.6, up from 28.3 last year. Also, I only have one active opponent now (down from 2 last year). That opponent is my mom lol.

Trivia Team

  • With COVID restrictions easing in 2022, we saw the return of in-person quiz nights! We attended 5 such quiz nights, winning twice and placing 3rd three times. An excellent performance!
  • Late in 2021, I got a subscription to the NYT crosswords/games, mainly because the trivia team had been enjoying doing them together over Discord during the pandemic. As of today, we are at a 370-day crossword streak! We also regularly do the Spelling Bee. At some point during the year, we also started doing the acrostics, working our way through the back catalog. The NYT archive goes all the way back to 1993; we do go back and do older crosswords on occasion, sometimes by myself. I have this fantasy that someday I will be able to complete this entire back catalog!
  • Speaking of the NYT, in the early part of the year, we also spent an inordinate amount of time playing Wordle and all its variants.
  • Late in 2022, Discord introduced some games that your group could play together in the voice channels. We enjoyed a few of these, Bobble League most of all.
  • The Trivia Team has a YT channel, @teamcamoteph where we upload recordings of the above shenanigans and other gaming things. We uploaded 67 videos in 2022!


  • Fitbit activity: 1,916,052 steps, 1,493.29 km, up almost 60% from last year!
    • With the pandemic restrictions loosening up early this year, I started to take longer walks outside the subdivision again, ramping up to the end of the year. By December I was up to 8k average daily steps, up from 5.5k in May and 3k in January. Not only is this great progress, it turns out this is now my highest yearly step total since I started using a Fitbit in 2017! (Previous record was 1.826M steps in 2018.) Hopefully I can keep up the pace this year.
  • Donuts eaten: 6 donuts, down from 8 last year!
  • Baptisms attended: 1, up from 0 last year
  • Weddings attended: 1, up from 0 last year
  • Wakes attended: 1 (virtual) :sadface:
  • New pamangkins: 1
  • Grab:
    • Trips: 2, down from 12 last year
      • Pa is able to drive again, so much less need for Grab. Also, their prices have gotten way too high, so whenever I need to go anywhere by myself, I just take regular taxis as much as possible.
    • Food delivery: 9, way down from 58 last year
      • With pandemic restrictions easing, I was getting deliveries a lot less and just going into the actual restaurants to buy food for takeout and sometimes even dine-in.
    • GrabMart: 0 (0 last year). This was really just a pandemic necessity in 2021, so we'll be dropping this stat next year.
    • Express delivery: 3, down from 6 last year. Again, mostly sending out stuff to/from family members.
  • Bears defeated in single combat: 0
  • Tips received via my profile on Ko-fi: 2. This is DOUBLE last year's total! Wow, imagine that. I am very grateful to all/both of my supporters!

The future

One last statistic: this year's yearnotes is about 15% longer than last year's. Thought about splitting this one in multiple posts, but for now it stays as one.

For me, the year in review post is about the past year. My next post will be my 2023 checklist, where I talk about the future and things I'm looking forward to in the coming year.

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