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It's the final weeknotes of the year! At first I thought I'd do this one tomorrow (the first of January) but I also plan to publish my year-in-review thingy, so I figured I'll just get this one out right before midnight, and next year's weeknotes can start fresh as a new series with maybe a different format.

The World

Kind of slow final news week actually. The best thing was Greta Thunberg owning some far-right guy so hard he got arrested for sex trafficking. (May or may not really be causally related).

My Week

  • I always enjoy the lull week between Christmas and New Year's, but this year I had to do some last minute grocery shopping on the 30th and 31st and there are sooooo many people in the grocery stores, WTH. This might be the first time I've ever stepped out of the house on the 31st.

  • I learned from a young age to just stay indoors on NYE because even in the late afternoon there's already the smell of fireworks, but I guess that's less of a problem nowadays, especially now as QC has banned household fireworks displays. I even managed to take a short walk in our subdivision around 9pm.

  • On the blog: Thoughts on Twitter and Follow Friday #2 (with blogroll updates)

  • Gaming:

    • After some cramming, I managed to finish Shin Megami Tensei V!
    • I also snuck in some additional gaming reviews before the end of the year for Gloomhaven and Marvel Snap.
    • Finished Tunic!
    • Single player games I'm still hoping to finish before the year ends: Shin Megami Tensei V (Switch). I am so close, but I just want to grind out a bit so I can get the secret ending.
    • Still playing the regular card games: the aforemention Marvel Snap, Eternal and Magic Arena. It does not look like I am hitting the top ranks in any of these games by end of year though.
    • For some reason, I also decided to try Vampire Survivors. (The reason was it was on PC Game Pass.)

Media Diet

I decided to start logging my movie watches on Letterboxd, and also set up a script to syndicate my reviews from there back to this site as notes. Luckily Letterboxd provides an RSS feed for each user's reviews! This week I managed to watch See How They Run (2022) and The Gentlemen (2019).

Okay, after writing this, I discovered Goodreads also has an RSS feed for each user that includes my reviews! Maybe I'll resume using Goodreads for my book reviews? (Or if someone wants to recommend another service that also makes it easy for me to syndicate content back to here.)

Visit the Links page for more links of interest.

This coming week:

New Year obviously. Need to write some posts! I hope the New Year is better for everyone than 2022 was.

Next weekend (on the 6th) will be the first Ludum Dare of 2023! I hope to have time to participate, but I haven't even been able to set up my gamedev stuff on this new PC. Hopefully I can do that next week.

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