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One week before Christmas and the second-to-last weeknotes for the year!

The World

  • Science: The US announced a fusion energy breakthrough, supposedly a big step towards clean energy.

  • Crypto: Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX has been arrested, weeks after the collapse of his crypto exchange.

  • Twitter: Twitter dissolved their trust and safety council, then Musk banned elonjet, a bunch of critical journalists, and even links to Mastodon. Some intrepid reporter thought that the banned @joinmastodon Twitter account to Mastodon's "founder" John Mastodon, which quickly became a meme on the platform.

  • PH: The much-criticized SIM registration law is set to take effect on Dec 27. The even more criticized Maharlika Investment Fund has been passed in the House of Representatives in record time. Communist Party of the Philippines has passed away while in exile in the Netherlands.

My Week

  • I have kind of given up on getting anything productive done during the last few weeks of the year. These last couple of weeknotes will probably be a bit short.

  • While I was out walking I passed by a commotion at my neighborhood drug store. I found out later (by interviewing one of the pharmacists) that a "kidnapper" was being chased by a mob and had sought refuge in the store and refused to come out until the barangay/cops had to drag him out.

  • More year end stats: 2022 Nintendo Switch Year in Review, Twitch Recap 2022.

  • Gaming:

    • Single player games I'm still hoping to finish before the year ends: Shin Megami Tensei V (Switch) and Tunic (PC Game Pass)
    • Still playing some card games on the regular:

Media Diet

Watched a couple of films on Disney+ this week:

  • The Banshees of Inisherin (2022): Was glad to see this one on D+ so soon because r/movies kept talking it up. I didn't know much about it other than it was about the Irish. It's not my usual cup of tea; the pace is slow and the stakes aren't that low and a lot of it takes place in a pub, which I guess is in line with Irish stereotypes. Great performances by Farell and Gleeson though.

  • Amsterdam (2022): I like the idea of all-star ensembles where there's a lot of actors I recognize, but this one didn't really come together that well. Good performances from Bale, et all, but the plot and tone felt uneven and it was hard to maintain interest.

Visit the Links page for more links of interest.

This coming week:

  • Next weekend is Christmas of course!
  • Looking forward to new Knives Out on Netflix this week.
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