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Tunic is a cute little Zelda-like with a unique twist: The game barely tells you anything and most text is written in an unknown runic script/language, but you can collect these pages that turn out to be from an in-game instruction manual (also mostly written in the unknown language), and as you find more pages, you figure out more stuff about the world and the game and how to do stuff in the game.

The game was incredibly fun and I spent some late nights because I couldn't put the controller down. The exploration part was excellent, and the game had some pretty challenging bosses as well. Can't go into too much detail, because I'd hate to spoil the game, it's probably much better to play it with as little information as possible!

My only complaint is some of the end-game puzzles and secrets needed for completion seemed a bit much for a game like this. I understand Zelda-like games usually do have some level of puzzling involved, but some of the secrets here were insane and very meta and felt like they belonged more in something like the Professor Layton series. I will say without shame I ended up looking up a bunch of stuff near the end; I can do these kinds of puzzles, but they felt a bit out of place in a game like this and I wasn't in the headspace for them.

I must note that if you don't like the challenging bosses part and just want the exploration and puzzles, the game has some great accessibility options - you can even disable dying completely, which makes the combats trivial (and doesn't disable achievements!). I swear I only enabled this mode for one post-game achievement that would have taken way too long otherwise. EDIT: Checking the accessibility options again, and I also found there's an option for "Audio Puzzle Assistance", which basically shows the notes being played for audio puzzles. As a practically tone-deaf person, that would have saved me some googling!

Completion: I managed to complete the games achievements (played via PC Game Pass, this post should have a screenshot), with a playtime of almost 25hrs. HLTB says average completion time is roughly 22hrs, so I was definitely below average for this one. Most of the achievements were straightforward, including collecting those secrets I mentioned above. I had to do one of them had in New Game+ (because I made some mistakes in the first run.)

I also streamed this game a couple of times on Twitch, here are some videos: (SPOILERS!)

  • Wandering around in the midgame:

  • Struggling against the final boss and the bad and good endings:

Overall, highly recommend the game, especially if you enjoy the 2D Zeldas!

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