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Some Blogs You Might Like

Back in April, I wrote a post titled "Follow Friday #1" with the intent of being a regular feature where I highlight blogs I follow. But I never got to do a second one! With the impending collapse of our traditional social media platforms and more people than ever blogging, I figured it might be a good idea to try to cram in a second such post before the year ends, so here are some interesting new blogs I've been following this year and have added to my blogroll:

  • by Ruben Schade. I forget where I found his blog from but I'd been following him for a while. It's actually weird that I enjoy his blog because he often posts about a number of topics I'm not particularly interested in such as retro computing and hololive girls and such, but I find that I generally enjoy this kind of blog that posts about all sorts of things, and there's enough there that I do find interesting. I typically enjoy his posts about the internet, blogging, and other online tech-life stuff.

  • by Ben Werdmuller. I think I've been following him since last year. He's the CTO at The 19th, a news nonprofit, and often posts about tech news and other stuff and also about blogging. His feed also shares a lot of links and quotes from other posts, and I've found myself resharing his posts a few times.

  • I think I first heard of Maya when someone shared her excellent blogroll. (I love blogrolls!) She posts some esoteric stuff sometimes, but generally leans towards tech, internet and blogging topics as well (you can see the pattern of blogs I like to follow). Even when sharing links she often adds some interesting commentary of her own.

  • JWZ by Jamie Zawinski. JWZ is an old-school blogger; his archives go way back to 2002. I only started following him in the last couple of years though, and am adding him to the public blogroll with this update. He's from the old guard of programmers, one of the founders of Netscape and Mozilla, and he now owns a club in SF, so you can imagine the sorts of things he posts. His blog aesthetic is also very old-school, which is appropriate. He can be highly-opinionated, but I find many of his posts interesting.

  • BrainBaking by Wouter Groeneveld. It's a general-purpose blog leaning towards tech, learning and gaming, and I've interacted with Wouter a bit, enough to know he's a nice chap with whom I share some interests (mostly gaming-related!). He also writes specifically about retro gaming at Jefklak's Codex, which I haven't added to the blogroll because I generally avoid adding gaming-focused blogs.

  • Phil Gyford's Website. This is a blog I've been following the longest among the entries here. I found his blog a few years ago and liked the fact that he's a Django dev. I took a lot of inspiration from how his site is organized when I was reworking my site from Wordpress to Hugo and later my current platform. He also does regular weeknotes and often writes about tech stuff, blogging and Django. He also recently launched a blog directory which I've enjoyed browsing, although I am still waiting on my submission of my own site being approved!

Blogroll Update

With this post I'm also updating the public blogroll, although there's not a lot of changes (some of the above blogs are new).

How I manage the public blogroll: the blogroll is a small sampling of blogs I actually follow in my RSS reader of choice. These are typically the blogs I am most interested/happy to see updates from.

I have a second category of follows named "tentative" which is where I place blogs that I think look interesting but I have to follow for a while to be sure. I will admit I am very good at adding blogs to this category and very bad at moving them up to the public blogroll on a timely basis.

Typically I prefer to put blogs into the public blogroll if I (a) enjoy their content and don't mind promoting it to other people; and (b) they post fairly regularly. (The regular posting frequency makes it easier for me to evaluate the blog. There were a few other blogs I wanted to promote to the public blogroll, but they just hadn't had enough recent content for me to judge.)

Aside from the blogroll and "tentative", my feed list has a few other categories that I don't care to be made public. These are typically either self-indulgent (i.e. I follow my own feeds to make sure they aren't wonky), follows for notification purposes (Google alerts, site/product/TV show updates), very low signal-to-noise ratio (this includes sites like Metafilter, where there are occasionally posts that I like, but most I can skip - this is a category where I feel comfortable to "mark as read" everything if it gets too unwieldy), or too specialized.

I think there are also some blogs on the blogroll that are no longer updating or available, so it might also need pruning, something I'll get around to someday.

That's It

In the last post I said I'd try to do one of these Follow Friday posts once a month, but obviously that didn't happen! I don't want to make any more promises I can't keep, so instead I guess this will be an irregular feature that pops up randomly on Fridays maybe.

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