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Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent. A bit more than one month to go in a year!

The World

  • Protests have erupted in China, even in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, in what might be the biggest political challenge to the CCP since Tiananmen. Hopefully it doesn't end that way again though!

  • The controversial Qatar World Cup kicked off this past week. Yesterday, some friends chastised me when I asked "Isn't the World Cup thing done yet?" Go sports!

My Week

  • Had a busy week. Lots of walking. Still feel really tired actually.

  • I went in for a passport renewal appointment this week. Credit where credit in due: the processing was super fast. Went to the appointment on Tuesday, was processed in under 30 minutes (I was done before my original appointment time even!), but they told me it might take 3-4 weeks for the new passport to be delivered, which is unsurprising for a PH government agency. But then Saturday I received the new passport already! I was so surprised at how quick it was. Is this was good government service feels like?

  • Trivia Team managed to attend another in-person quiz night last Thursday, but we only placed third (again). This was probably our final quiz night of the year (we typically don't get any in December since restaurants are usually busy); so some quick stats: we managed 5 quiz nights this year, 4 at intbar/extcafe and 1 at Treeline Ales; we won twice and placed third three times, which is not too shabby of a record!

  • I mentioned last week that my desktop PC has been experiencing problems. Over Saturday night to Sunday morning, three such sudden shut down incidents happened. This kind of upped the urgency, so Sunday when the opportunity presented itself (i.e. someone could accompany me), I took the opportunity to go ahead and get a new desktop assembled. I have been spending the past 24 hours reinstalling things, a rare occurrence since the last time I had to set up a new desktop was 7 years ago. Will probably write a separate blog post about the new build and also need to update the uses page.

  • On the blog: Word Persons and Web Persons. This rambly post surprisingly got a bit of traction, being shared around on some blogs I follow and on Masto. It's not a lot of engagement but more than typical for me. I get a bit of anxiety when more people are viewing my content. What if I'm being an idiot?

  • Something I've been doodling lately:

    The one sketch for all of November
    The one sketch for all of November

  • Gaming:

    • Still playing some card games on the regular:
    • Still trying to power through SMT5, such a long game.
    • As a side note, migrating to a new desktop seems to have fixed my issues with PC Game Pass games! That greatly increases my gaming backlog!

Media Diet

Not much this week.

  • Finished reading: The Lost Metal.

  • Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would: Randomly decided to watch a standup special on NF but this one wasn't really too much ha-ha funny but more of political commentary making fun of our real-world situation. Which is to be expected because it's Trevor Noah I guess?

Not a lot today:

Visit the Links page for more links of interest.

This coming week:

  • Ugh, IDK. Maybe I'll just rest and chill a bunch, last week was tiring. And I still have so many things to reinstall! Wednesday is a holiday over here even.
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