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The World

  • Twitter chaos continues. Devs fired then re-hired. Features rolled out then rolled back. Mastodon userbase has grown at least 300% in the interim.
  • US midterm elections last Tuesday, and surprisingly, Democrats managed to hold the Senate, and the House is still in play. The prophesied "red wave" did not come to pass.

My Week

  • Had a fairly good week! A bit productive even. Got to do some work on side projects. Went out for a movie.

  • Not really a sporty guy, but on Saturday my brothers invited me to go play badminton with them. It was nice, not too many people at the courts. I managed to work up a sweat even though I felt like I was hardly moving at all and I think I even managed to hit more shots than I missed. I think in terms of calories burnt per hour I would have been better off just walking for two hours (based on Fitbit's data), but this was more fun and it was good to spend time with the nieces and nephews as well.

  • My dad asked me to type up something for him and print it out, a semiregular occurrence now that he's working part-time from home and needs to turn in regular paper reports to his office. This time though, my printer ran out of ink and we had to rush out to buy a new cartridge in the evening close to when the store would close. I had to make an excuse to some of my friends to cut one of our activities short, and one of them asked why we don't just go paperless. That doesn't really work for my dad (he doesn't know how to use computers) or his work (it seems they are largely still paper-based). Every time I type up one of his reports for him I can't help but imagine how much easier some things would be if they knew how to use spreadsheets at least.

  • Gaming:

Media Diet

  • Watched Black Panther: Wakanda Forever!

  • Still reading: Bands of Mourning. Have fallen behind on my comic reading targets though.

  • The Good Doctor: My mom started watching this on Netflix a while back and I saw so many episodes incidentally I just decided to watch it myself as well. (Prime Video PH currently has up to the latest season.) It's a typical episodic procedural doctor show based on an autistic doctor. I can't comment about how good the autism portrayal is, but the show is fairly entertaining popcorn fare. A high point is probably their 2-part Covid episode at the start of season 4, which tackled a lot of pandemic-specific stuff like supply shortages, people not following masking advice, loved ones dying on a ventilator alone, etc. Heavy stuff. In the episode right after, they made a disclaimer that the rest of the season would be in an "ideal" world, i.e. they would pretend there was no more pandemic, which was probably a good choice, as 2-3 seasons worth of pandemic stuff might not have made for good TV.

  • Star Trek: Lower Decks season 3: Lower Decks continues to be a pretty good and light-hearted Star Trek show. The animated format really lets them play around with the Trek universe and in this season they even revisit some fan favorite locations like Deep Space Nine!

  • The Lost City (2022): Watched this last night with low expectations, was pleasantly surprised. A fun little goofball adventure rom-com; Bullock and Tatum have great energy together and I enjoy all the idiotic things Alan says. Brad Pitt's absurd stereotypical special ops commando character is great too, and Daniel Radcliffe seems to be really enjoying playing the maniacal super-rich antagonist.

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Some stuff I liked from Twitter:

This coming week:

  • New set Brothers War drops on Arena this week! Might start streaming it on Thursday maybe?
  • Also this week: Disney+ comes to the PH! I'm not yet sure I'd get it, maybe see how it goes for other people first.
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