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‘Wherever you go, there you are.’

The World

  • Elon Musk's first week at Twitter has not gone well. He appears to be trying to speedrun the platform into the ground. He has haggled with celebrities over his proposed price for verification, fired half of the staff, and then complained that advertising revenue has dropped due to activists. Unlike other people, I am not yet convinced that Twitter is about to implode, but the odds are definitely not zero.

My Week

  • After the challenges of the previous week, I kind of took it easy this last week, in a bit of a holding pattern. Wasn't very productive. Did some minor work on some side projects. Had a boardgame day with friends. Family stuff over the weekend. All the rest did help alleviate my anxiety.

  • Not much else for this entry, so I'll just write about a bunch of things I didn't do: I never got around to doing Hacktoberfest last month. I was also thinking of doing Nanowrimo again and continuing the daily sketching this month and but haven't gotten around to that either. Maybe I'll have more to write about next week.

  • Gaming:

    • Still playing on the regular: Eternal, Magic Arena, and Marvel Snap. I think I've gotten to a part of Marvel Snap where the grind is particularly bad though. The season is about to end, maybe I'll enjoy it again next season.
    • Still trying to power through SMT5 and Paradise Killer. Really need to finish one of these soon so that I can move on.
    • Still playing a bit of Street Fighter V, this time only to farm super finishes for the last achievement.
  • Media Diet: Started reading Bands of Mourning by Sanderson. Been watching a lot of The Good Doctor (long story) and some other TV stuff, will write the reviews some other time.

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Some stuff I liked from Twitter:

This coming week:

  • Wakanda Forever comes out this week! We'll probably watch it next Sunday.
  • I believe US midterms elections are also this week. While I'm not an American, US politics usually weighs heavily on the rest of us, so we pay attention.
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