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The Bands of Mourning is the sixth book in the Mistborn series and the third book in the Wax and Wayne subseries, the so-called "Era Two". Finished reading this one yesterday.

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Sanderson continues to knock it out of the park with this series. After the last book's traumatic ending, this time Wax and company finally face the Set: the mysterious bad guys that have been set up by the first two books. This time the conflict expands to a great area as our heroes must investigate rumors of a lost artifact and the Set's mysterious activities in the areas outside Erendel.

This book continues Era Two's trend of shorter books, still around half the length of any of the first trilogy books. Despite the shorter length, the plot feels dense and action-packed with very little meandering. All this while still managing to expand the series' lore and history.

I'm especially happy with the character development especially among the female characters Marasi and Steris; the first book looked like it was setting up some kind of love triangle there but Sanderson subverted those expectations and went another way. Both characters continue to grow and establish their working and personal relationships with Wax and find their niche. Wayne is good too I suppose.

Coincidentally yesterday was the release date for the next and final Era Two Book Lost Metal! I went ahead and got the Kindle version off Amazon; I don't mind buying it immediately since I got the last 3 books free off the Tor Book club. It might end up being my last book read for the year!

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