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Monday weeknotes again, very late this time because I was away most of Sunday and Monday. Was honestly tempted to just push it to tomorrow but hey, we gotta have some discipline.

A Quote

"We say in the grand scheme of things as if there were one. We say that's not how the world works* as if the world works."

Maggie Smith, Goldenrod (via @rachelsteenblik)

The World

My Week

Not a lot today, as I have fallen behind in my link processing backlog. To help alleviate this backlog, I have decided to add a page listing a bunch of unprocessed links.

Visit the Links page for more links of interest.

This coming week:

  • It's the last week of October! Time flies, etc. Next weekend is a long weekend hereabouts.
  • Apparently Jodie Whitaker's Doctor Who regenerated over the weekend and the internet immediately spoiled a surprise for me. Time to catch up! Actually, there's a bunch of shows I really should just watch already.
  • In MTG land, Brothers War preview season should officially kick off this week!
  • Later this week, we should find out whether Elon Musk really will buy Twitter!
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