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Apparently these weeknotes just happen on Mondays now.

The World

I don't have a lot to say about the world this week; a lot of it feels like more of the same. Escalation in Ukraine. China being China. Covid just keeps trucking along. Famous people saying stupid things. Etc etc.

My Week

  • Life is short, random, unfair and dumb. My week was going fine, but then Saturday evening I received bad news (about a friend) and since then the week has felt tinged with sadness. Still waiting on the eventual outcome, but at this point it is difficult to be optimistic.

  • Inktober 2022 catchup still in-progress. I thought I could catch up yesterday, but stuff happened and so no.

  • I have been trying to cut down on snacking, for health reasons, and one thing I've found that surprisingly works is that in my daily journaling, I explicitly congratulate myself if I didn't snack on anything the previous day.

  • With shutting down, I went ahead and migrated to new Mastodon account:

  • Gaming:

    • Just the normal grinding in Eternal and Magic Arena, not even doing particularly well. I did manage to stream some Alchemy: Dominaria United last Thursday, though I didn't do particularly well. I was thinking of streaming some more of it this Thursday, but apparently it rotates out later today and I have neither the time nor resources to draft it today, so :shrug:
    • Still playing SMT5 and Paradise Killer. I wish I had time to just power through these. Paradise Killer in particular is a bit challenging because I still have no idea how to solve this mystery!
    • Still trying to rank up in Street Fighter V, but I've cut down on the number of matches I play per day, as they take some time. Besides, forcing myself to play too much when I'm on tilt is bad for the run. Last week's record was a decent 20-16 overall (half my losses were on the first day!) and I think I ended up close to my all-time high LP.

Media Diet

Watched and reviewed some comic books and some Marvel TV/movies this past week!

Spent some time this week going through my reader backlog and my backlog of saved links to harvest some links to share:

Visit the Links page for more links of interest.

This coming week:

  • Ludum Dare 51 ratings come out at the end of the week! I remain cautiously optimistic
  • We have a quiz night to attend again this coming week
  • I think Black Adam is also out this week? We have a family mall excursion planned at some point during the weekend, so I might try to watch it then.
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