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These weeknotes are coming in late because as I told some friends yesterday "my tummy is being a dummy" and I was too uncomfortable to get anything done.

The World

My Week

  • A new party member, pamangkin #7, joined the family this past week!

  • On the blog: The Ludum Dare 51 blog post. I reviewed and gave feedback on a bunch of submissions this week and have already hit the needed number of submissions, so now it's wait and see mode until the ratings period is over (in around 12 days). I got some good feedback this time, so I'm cautiously optimistic that we do well.

  • I finally started the Inktober thing. Hoping to catch up maybe in a few days. I know the Inktober guy is a bit shady, but eh, too lazy to find a good alternative, and some people I know are doing this one too.

  • Gaming:

    • Just the normal grinding in Eternal and Magic Arena, not even doing particularly well. Alchemy: Dominaria United dropped last week, so might try to draft and stream again either tomorrow or Thursday (why not both?)
    • Still playing SMT5 and Paradise Killer.
    • Still trying to rank up in Street Fighter V. Actually had a positive 29-24 record this past week, but even that was just enough to barely stay in Super Silver. Ranking up is hard =/

Media Diet

It's actually been a bit sparse. I haven't watched any new movies in a month! Should correct that soon.

Visit the Links page for more links of interest.

This coming week:

  • She-Hulk Attorney at Law (SHAAL for short) season finale this week!
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