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It is now Throw Short People month. Three months remain in the year. Time continues to be stretchy. Maybe that's why today's weeknotes are a day late, or maybe I was just busy?

The World

My Week

  • It's been a busy week for me actually. I had medical stuff to do (routine tests and doctor's appointments), and family errands to run (mostly accompanying older people to their tests and doctor's appointments), and some relatives were visiting from overseas, so we had meetups and were regaled with stories from faraway places like Houston, Canada and Australia.

  • Also, trivia team managed to win an in-person quiz night last week! We'd been attending this particular host's quizzes for a long while and his crowd was always challenging competition, so it was nice to hold our own against them on his first quiz back since the pandemic.

  • This past weekend I participated in Ludum Dare 51! A full blog post is probably coming in a day or so, but you can go ahead and play my submission at (It might be a bit hard)

  • Gaming:

    • Managed to hit Master rank in Eternal last month!
    • Did one final Magic Arena quick draft stream for DMU, at least managed to end with a 7. Will probably try again when alchemy drafts come around.
    • Still playing SMT5 and Paradise Killer, though a bit less this week due to busyness. I really should get these games done!
    • Still trying to rank up in Street Fighter V. I got into Super Silver again early this past week, but then crashed back down. Week's record was a mediocre 28-28.

Media Diet

  • Harley Quinn S3

    • Happy that this didn't get canned as a result of the Warner-Discovery merger/brouhaha. Surprisingly the best animated Batman series in a long while (despite being more of a comedy and not being centered on Batman). Even managed to sneak a few good BTAS references in this season. No notes.
  • 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

    • I have mentioned I've been watching episodes of this show a lot during the past few weeks. I believe I have now seen every single episode. or at least the ones available on Youtube. (There is a playlist.) It makes for pretty good background watching since I can just tune out the nonsense parts and maybe focus on it when something really funny comes up, and I happen to enjoy the anagrams and number-solving portions as well. My enjoyment of British comedy shows has come far since The IT Crowd.

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And some interesting stuff from Twitter:

This coming week:

  • Family stuff: We are expecting a new niece/granddaughter in the family later this week!
  • I still want to participate in some events like Inktober and Hacktoberfest, have to figure out how to get into those. (Although not yet sure if I'll follow Inktober itself or some other drawing prompt list... apparently the guy who started it is a bit problematic.)
  • I think the new MCU one-shot special Werewolf by Night comes out this week, but I'm not really that interested as I'm not familiar with the source material. And I still haven't even started with Andor lol. I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually.
  • Alchemy drop for DMU on Magic Arena is scheduled for later this week.
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