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Caught up with Jodie's last 3 Doctor Who specials this week, since the internet already spoiled me about the thing at the end. Spoilers will be unmarked.

Eve of the Daleks I should have enjoyed because I like time loops, but the execution here was a bit weird. They said in one of the earlier loops that they needed to save the guy because he was about to be killed and his death would be "locked in" for the next loop, which implies that they start each later loop with the "one-minute" state from the previous loops, but then later loops still have them starting out in the same place (Doctor near the Tardis, etc). I know this is all timey-wimey BS, but they should at least try to be consistent! Other than that, I have no real gripes about the episode, although it feels like it could have just been a regular season episode and not a special.

Legend of the Sea Devils was ok but kinda meh/unremarkable. Hooray for historical Asian representation I guess? Kind of rare in this series. Also could have been just a regular season episode.

The Power of the Doctor feels like a special, with all the appearances from previous Doctors and companions and multiple plot threads and disasters needing to be resolved simultaneously. Still a bit annoyed with the writing here as so much is handwaved and not explained at all. How did the master get the Daleks and the Cybermen to cooperate? Why did the shadow planet need to be in 1916, other than a need for Ra-ra-rasputin dance scene? Dan suddenly dropping out also didn't feel like it was handled very well. A lot of the set pieces were nice (especially the space train), but felt a bit like compensating for weak plotting with spectacle. Kinda typical of the Chibnail era actually.

Looking forward to what madness Russel T. Davies and Disney+ bring us for the next series!

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