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Aight, so notes on migrating to a new Mastodon instance:

I found the ff helpful:

I was able to successfully create the alias to the old account on this new account, so the bug mentioned in the above is already fixed.

However, I was unable to create the redirect from the old account ("is not an alias of this account"). Looks like a cache invalidation issue (, I'll try again in a couple of days I guess

Update: finally got and to redirect here. Apparently that results in a bunch of notifs as your followers are automatically forwarded to the new account!

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tchambers said...

@roytang Glad you are here! Happy to be a home to anyone else migrating over....

ryan said...


This command run in shell should return json output with your old ID among the values for β€œalias” but it’s not showing

ryan said...

Nvm just saw you said you got it working