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I didn't watch any movies the previous week, so I decided to watch a few this week.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984)

I have a vague recollection of watching this before at David's house, but I have no memory of the plot or anything, so this was practically a first watch. This was so good! Since I was feeling a bit sleepy I planned to watch only maybe half of the film, but ended up just sticking through til the end. Felt a lot less whimsical and a lot more high stakes compared to the other Ghibli films I've seen. I felt genuinely angry at stupid humans by the end of it. Happy to have watched it as an adult. Might be the best Miyazaki film I've seen so far.

Top Gun Maverick (2022)

The film somehow managed to follow a lot of the original film's plot points (Maverick disobeying orders before getting sent off to Top Gun; pilots finding out they met their new instructor at the bar the day before; conflict among the leading candidates in class; beach sports; accidents during team exercises; etc) but also somehow squeezing in subplots about Maverick's overprotectiveness of Goose's son because of his own guilt over Goose and also an actual military mission that involves recreating the trench run from the end of A New Hope. Jennifer Connely subplot was okay, but didn't really feel necessary and could very well have been Charlie from the original. Was surprised at the happenings in the final 30 minutes though. A true blockbuster; pretty good action film and there's a lot of spectacle, would have been good to see in the theater.

Game Night (2018)

This was a surprisingly good dark comedy. It wasn't a laugh out loud kind of affair, except for this one scene where they were trying to extract a bullet, I found that hilarious. I love Rachel McAdams' performance here and Jesse Plemons is also great as the creepy awkward neighboring police officer.

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