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Thirty-nine years ago Ninoy Aquino was assassinated on an airport tarmac. He famously said "The Filipino is worth dying for." Not sure if he'd still consider that to be true today, as a lot of online trolls try to tear down his legacy.

The World

  • PH/Covid: Hey, our cases have started declining, with most of the days this week under 4k! It's good news, and hopefully the downtrend continues.
  • I guess other things happened elsewhere in the world also? IDK, not really paying attention I guess.

Visit the Links page for more links of interest.

Also, here's a cute 30-year-old progressive story from Twitter.

My Week

  • On the blog: I wrote about some SSG limitations that frustrated me back in the day.

  • Took my mom to the dentist this week. I used to go to the same dentist, but I haven't been back since the pandemic. Not sure if she recognized me though. Not yet sure if I'll go back to their clinic myself; to get to their clinic you have to climb up an narrow, uneven, and steep spiral of stairs which I always find annoying. A few new dental clinics have sprouted up nearer to our house (they are all in walking distance), but going to a new dentist is always a gamble.

  • Had a busy Sunday, as all three of my brothers and their families decided to visit today, a rare feat that my parents surely enjoyed.

  • This weekend I also attended Sunday Mass in-person for the first time since the pandemic. It was an Anticipated Mass, which means less people, so less Covid anxiety for me. The officiating priest had a bit of an enunciation problem during his homily though, making him a bit hard to understand. The ones who do the online masses we usually watch are very good and always easy to understand.

  • This morning I ran into a Windows error screen I'd never seen before:


    PC seemed fine after a reboot though.

  • MTG: Stayed up late Thursday night to watch the Wizards announcement stream and the kickoff for Dominaria United spoiler season. It started an hour later than I expected (curse these timezones!), but Switch kept me company via Discord voice chat. The announcements were nice and all, but I may have enjoyed our ongoing convos about our old MTG-playing days. Liliana of the Veil being reprinted led to me digging through old boxes of cards trying to find the one copy I believed we had; Switch said we only ever had Liliana the Last Hope and I found those easily enough, but I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep until I proved my memory right. Sure enough after an hour and a half of digging around (well after the stream had ended), I found the planeswalker stack:


  • Gaming: I finally got a bit of time to dig into those PC Game Pass issues I was running into before. I had previously downloaded a bunch of smaller games I had interest in playing, but only tried launching them yesterday. The results were not promising. I suspect the root problem is the "unable to sync to the cloud" thing which means I need to play games offline, so that's what I should try to figure out.

    • Tunic: Blank screen after choosing to play offline.
    • One Step From Eden: I got to the main menu and was able to start a new game, but got a blank screen after selecting a character.
    • Outer Wilds: I got to what was either a loading screen or the main menu screen that wasn't showing me any options.
    • Undertale: Was able to start the game, walk around a bit and save, so seems fine.
    • Paradise Killer: Was able to start a game, get some exposition and to the first save point, seems fine.
  • Gaming: Still playing regularly: the CCGs (Eternal Card Game and Magic Arena). Single-player RPGs Shin Megami Tensei V (which is still a bit hard even in normal difficulty) and Witcher 2 (currently in Act 3, should be done soonish I hope). Sometimes Street Fighter V (which I am still bad at!).

  • There is another quiz night scheduled this week at the venue we've attended the past couple of months, but we decided to skip this one because we weren't fond of the music-themed categories. Meanwhile, the trivia team is still regularly doing crosswords, acrostics, spelling bees and other puzzles, with videos uploaded over at the Team Camote PH Youtube channel, if you'd like to watch. Our uploaded keeps putting copyrighted music in the background of the videos though, so we keep getting copyright claims!

  • This week's vocabulary words: TEMPEH, a traditional Indonesian food made from fermented soybeans and PAMPA, grass-covered plains of South America.

Media Diet

  • Watched the first episode of She-Hulk. It was ok, maybe a bit more Ruffalo than I expected. Looking forward to see where this goes.
  • I heard that Better Call Saul had a pretty good finale, so I decided to finally try to catch up. Had to rewatch the last episode of season 4 to remember where I was at. Currently halfway through season 5.
  • I read a (non-comic) book! It's been a while! In addition to the below, I also started reading another Discworld book, more on that when it's done I guess.

  • Death in the Clouds by Agathe Christie

    I usually try to figure out these Poirot mysteries on my own, but of course I always fail. In this case I felt justified because a crucial clue involved knowing that a certain article of clothing looked like another article of clothing at the time, which I never would have known. Not the best one but still a fun little "closed-room" mystery, though quite short.

This coming week:

Not much? There is a Throne Open for Eternal though, maybe I'll get lucky and win some cash?

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