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Not a lot today. It's been kind of a boring week.

The World

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My Week

  • This past week was my birthday week. On the day of, I decided to go and attend daily mass in-person to mark the occasion, something I haven't done since before the pandemic.
  • As a bit of celebration, I decided to slack off for the week and be unproductive and just watch a lot of movies. I didn't want to have an overly long media diet section in this weeknotes, so I did a couple of review posts instead: Predator, etc, Alien, etc.
  • Still playing regularly: the CCGs (Eternal Card Game and Magic Arena). Single-player RPGs Shin Megami Tensei V and Witcher 2. Sometimes Street Fighter V.
  • I mentioned last week I was thinking of starting a new game. This week I finally decided to activate PC game pass. It was launched in the PH this year, and a few months ago I availed of a Grab promo where I could get 3 months of PC game pass for like P10. I didn't use the code until this week. I've been thinking about PC game pass for a while because it has a bunch of smaller games I'd always wanted to get into but couldn't justify buying (mostly narrative-focused ones). I activated it and tried to download a bunch of games and boy, are there problems! Downloading errors, games failing to launch, cloud sync not working, etc. I even had to do arcane workarounds like running Powershell scripts, reinstalling services, a lot of PC reboots etc etc just to get some things to download. The first game I wanted to try was Tunic and I still haven't gotten that to work. Other games seem able to launch though. This does not feel like a mature gaming platform! Much room for improvement. I haven't gotten back to it yet beyond the one afternoon I spent trying stuff out, we'll see if I can actually start one of these games this week.
  • Apparently if DigitalOcean has new pricing for their droplets that conveniently has more disk space than your current plan at the same price point, they don't give you any kind of heads up or automatic upgrade, you need to notice it yourself and trigger the upgrade yourself!

This coming week:

  • Eternal: New mini-set drops this week!
  • Magic: Preview season for the upcoming Dominaria United set starts this week!
  • TV: She-Hulk series starts on Disney+ this week!

I think there's maybe one or more other things I was looking forward to this week that I can't recall as of this writing. I really should take better notes.

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