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The weekend kind of got away from me, so I'm doing this on a Monday instead. My weekends often seem to be busy, maybe I should consider just scheduling these on Mondays?

The World

  • Last Wednesday a magnitude 7 quake struck Luzon's Northern region. I am told it was felt all the way here, but I was asleep and of course felt nothing. I awoke to an annoying NDRRMC message though.
  • Former PH president Fidel V. Ramos has passed away. There is a pattern.
  • We broke 4k daily covid cases last week, though the counts really feel like they are starting to taper off. I would expect a plateau in 1-2 weeks, though the rising positivity rates may complicate that. Monkeypox has also been detected in the country.

A lot of links from newsletters today:

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My Week

  • Honestly not sure where most of this week went. I did spend a bunch of time working on some projects and maybe reading too many comic books though. And the usual end of month errands etc. I guess I was kind of in a holding pattern waiting for the new month? My notes from this week seem mostly about food lol.
  • Spent a lot of time grinding the CCGs this week, hoping to finish in the higher ranks for the month. Played in the Eternal and Arena limited opens this weekend, did poorly in both. The sealed event in Arena went terribly and somehow I find it so difficult to get the hang of the Eternal draft format. I'm saddened that I still can't win cash on these things, but we soldier on. At least I managed to hit Masters in Eternal this month! Arena didn't get there though.
  • Still playing: Shin Megami Tensei V and Witcher 2. Sometimes Street Fighter V.
  • We played in a quiz night last Thursday and won!

Media Diet

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022)

    • We have two of my nephews visiting semi-regularly on the weekends; we've been watching portions of this film whenever they visit, and yesterday we finally finished watching it after almost two months. It was an okay follow-up to the first film, but they really leaned into the cartoony nature of it this time, making it much better for kids I think. The ending was very deus ex machina though. IDK a lot about Sonic Lore (never played the games), but even I was able to predict that post-credits scene.

This coming week:

  • It's August! I don't think I have anything lined up for the first week though.
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