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Continuing the MCU phase 4 things. I don't have spoiler-free reviews for these ones. This post will have unmarked spoilers.

Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)

I watched this with my brother last Monday right after my long trip. IDK if it was the trip exhaustion, but I wasn't super impressed. My brother felt it was better than Ragnarok, I think it was maybe a bit worse.

The movie felt a lot goofier than Ragnarok, but that doesn't necessarily mean it was funnier. Most of Korg's narration jokes were so-so, and I'm not a fan of Thor himself being exceptionally goofy (though we did see a bit of that in Ragnarok already). My favorite joke in the whole film is the return of the Asgard theater kids played by Matt Damon, Sam Neil and Luke Hemsworth.

Christian Bale gives a great performance as Gorr, but it feels like there is too little of him in the movie. There is very little build-up; one minute he's picking up the necrosword, then soon after he's hitting up New Asgard. The movie could've benefit of at least a quick montage of Gorr doing quite a bit more god-butchering instead of it all happening in the background.

Same complaints about Jane as mighty Thor; I wish there had been more build-up, a bit more of a mystery as to who was carrying Mjolnir around. As I recall in the comics, it took a long while before the Jane Foster reveal.

I think my problems with the movie are mostly about pacing and the lack of build-up; perhaps because they wanted to keep it short (the runtime is at a mere 2 hours!) or more family-friendly.

I did like Russell Crowe as a bombastic Zeus and him prancing around with his little skirt, but I also wish the trip to Omnipotent City had been more meaningful other than just a chance to cameo a bunch of gods and pick up a new weapon. It felt a bit like that casino sidequest in The Last Jedi.

Thor adopting a daughter at the end of the film was nice twist though.

Ms Marvel

Last episode of Ms Marvel also aired today so I decided to combine both reviews into one post.

This series was great representation-wise and with portraying what it's like being an immigrant and specifically growing up in an Asian household and community. That being said, I was so confused at what they wanted to portray with the series' main plot. The Clandestines were utterly uninteresting as villains and there's very little incentive to care about what they were doing; I don't even know what their names were aside from Najma (Kamran's mother, whose name I even had to look up!). They weren't even used as the season's big bad (spoiler: the big bad was cops).

I don't really mind the way the show changed the nature of KK's powers. She did get to do some embiggening in the finale; I would assume their special effects budget prevented her from just doing that all the time which is why she got the light steps instead of the whole stretching legs to walk around Jersey bit. And at the end they did hint that it might be a mutation (or something... inhuman?) that lets her access those powers, so maybe it's not as different as we think. I do think that the change means her power usage have a different tone, one perhaps that is better for tv than comics.

So many things about the second half of the season just felt so off to me though: like KK's parents just casually accepting she's a superhero now, Kamran getting these unstable powers and no one questioning how or why, how are the Clandestines and Damage Control able to find them so easily and all of the community rallying around them for no other reason than they distrust the DoDC. It's not like KK has done a lot to build up neighborhood goodwill; she did save a kid once, but she also botched the landing on that one, so I don't see why she would have earned the whole "NY helps Spider-Man" treatment.

I did enjoy random Brie Larson cameo at the end and am looking forward to how the character ties into the Marvels film next year.

Coming Up

Later this year for the MCU:

  • Aug 17: She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
  • Nov 11: Black Panther Wakanda Forever
  • Dec: Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special
  • TBA: Secret Invasion (Disney+)
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