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  • The week has been a bit busy, and I don't have a lot of time today, so these weeknotes will be a bit short.

  • The year nears it's midpoint, and it seems like the world continues to regress.

  • A couple of the days ago, as prophesized by an earlier leak, the US Supreme Court struck down the 50-year old Roe vs Wade precedent, clearing the way for multiple states to almost immediately ban abortions. I am neither an American nor a woman, so I do not feel I have the standing to weigh in. In fact, as someone who grew up as and is still a practicing Catholic, in theory I do not approve of abortions. But that doesn't mean I should get to impose my beliefs on those who share them, especially when their health and well-being are on the line. This feels like it should be common sense.

  • Covid19 cases are on the rise in the country, most of them centered around the NCR. Positivity rates are holding barely below the 5% threshold. Luckily, hospital utilization rates are staying low, so it generally looks like a "mild" surge. Hopefully everyone stays masked up and more people get vaccinated and boosted to keep things under control.

Managed to sneak some stray links out of the link factory today:

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My Week

  • More errands this week, some of the medical nature (both for myself and for family members), and some prep for an upcoming trip to the province.
  • I wrote a bit about Lab Tests, basically an example of my recent errands over the past few weeks.
  • Gaming: Triangle Strategy NG+ run is about 75% done. I finished Bloodstained! Regular Eternal and Arena daily grinding continues.

Media Diet

  • Obi-wan Kenobi

    • This series had some problems, and one might question whether this was even a story that needed to be told, but they pretty much stuck the landing. That final confrontation between Ben and Anakin was something special.
  • Ongoing TV Status

    • Caught up: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, The Orville season 3, Superman and Lois, Ms Marvel
    • Behind: The Flash season 8, The Boys season 3

This coming week:

  • It's going to be July!
  • Should be one final batch of family errands this coming week, then the week after I will be out of town on a trip.
  • This Thursday, I may attend my first in-person quiz night since the pandemic began. ("May" because I'm still monitoring the local Covid situation closely.)
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