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A Quote

In the river I have seen you

Through love age and misery

In the river I will find you

for you will always be you

and i will always be me

  • Gwyn Davies, Legends of Tomorrow S07E12

The World

  • PH/Politics: The elections have come and gone and like it not, we must live with the results. I have written some post-election thoughts here.
  • PH/sports: Some good news though: Last Friday the UP Maroons defeated ADMU in the final game of the UAAP basketball season, ending a 36-year drought. The Maroons last won the championship after the dictatorship fell. I'm not big on sports, but even I found myself closely following the last quarter and overtime. It was a close fight and a well-fought game and season.

Not a lot today. Hopefully I can catch up on my reading backlog soon.

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My Week

  • It has been a difficult week, filled with a lot of dismay about where our country is going. Very many busy group chats. It felt like I was going through the motions most days.

  • I promised I would finally get a haircut after the elections. This debt was claimed the day after.

  • Ate out at a KFC this week. I haven't been to one in a while. They had these cheesy bacon variants available, so I ordered a cheesy bacon zinger. While eating, I remembered that zingers are spicy and had to ask for additional water.

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  • The week before the elections, I found a weird bump on the back of my neck and was worried it might be a tumor of some sort. I asked a Doctor friend I met up with to take a look and she said it might be a sebaceous cyst and that I should see a surgeon. Before I got a chance, this past weekend it "popped" and it turned out to be a "pigsa" (boil), so we just ended up draining it every morning and now it's gotten a lot smaller and is a lot less painful. I guess I'm not dying yet.

  • On the bright side, with the new bodily problem to worry about, I found myself not noticing that my ankle seems to have fully recovered. Am back to taking more regular walks, something I can hopefully ramp up some more in the coming weeks.

  • Gaming:

Media Diet

Watched a couple of movies this week, mostly as a way of coping.

  • John Wick 3: Parabellum (2019)

    • I kind of just wanted a low-thinking movie after the election results came out, and this was just the ticket. It is indeed a very John Wick movie. Action-packed from start to finish. Halle Berry had a smaller role than I thought she would have. I was however disappointed that John Wick actually lost at the end; I would have loved a happy ending after all the IRL disappointments.
  • Swiss Army Man (2016)

    • Wasn't sure what to expect going into this one. I watched this mostly because I couldn't yet watch the Daniels' latest film Everything, Everywhere All At Once, and I heard their first film (this one) was good too. This was a beautifully absurd exploration of life and loneliness with perhaps way too much flatulence. It's best to go into this not knowing much at all.

I also started catching up on Legends of Tomorrow, since they're already cancelled. I have one more episode remaining!

  • Ongoing TV Status:
    • Caught up: NCIS
    • Behind: Legends of Tomorrow, The Simpsons, Superman and Lois, The Flash season 8, Young Justice
    • Yet to start: Cobra Kai season 4,

This coming week:

  • I have a thing next weekend, so the next weeknotes will probably be a bit late.
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