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A Quote

A single grain of rice can tip the scale. One man alone can make a difference.

-- the emperor, Mulan

The World

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Something I Learned

  • When you're typing on mobile, you can hold down on the space key to move the text cursor around. I wish I had known of this before as I'm always editing things like urls and such on mobile! (I tried this on both my stock Samsung Android keyboard and the iPad's keyboard.)

My Week

  • Had a busy week; which for me nowadays means I went out of the house more days than usual. There was a trip to the mall, then I had to accompany my mom to the hospital for some routine checks, then of course the usual weekly errands: meds, groceries, etc. I actually also briefly considered going out to the Leni miting de avance last night, but then I remembered I hate crowds, so as usual I just lived vicariously through my friends.

  • The trip to the mall was my first time outside meeting up with friends since the pandemic began. We had lunch at Yabu (my favorite katsu curry place) and then watched Multiverse of Madness. First time in the SM Director's Club cinema too with their fancy chairs. Not sure it was worth it though.

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My usual Yabu order: Menchi Katsu Curry Set (Regular sauce)
My usual Yabu order: Menchi Katsu Curry Set (Regular sauce)
  • My ankle is feeling mostly better, though it still gets uncomfortable after long walks. I have managed to resume taking some longer walks and even going outside the subdivision, though I still don't feel up to jogging again.

  • Managed to get some work done on this website's backend last week, though most of it should be invisible to the reader. It's mostly bug fixes and optimizations in the various import processes.

  • When the campaign season began in earnest three months ago, I purposely cut back on my social media usage by removing the Twitter app from my phone and removing the main timeline from Tweetdeck (leaving the specialized list timelines that I still wanted to follow) and also unsubscribed from the r/Philippines subreddit. This was mostly for my own sanity: I kept getting depressed about the impossible logic (or lack thereof) of Marcos supporters or the shenanigans of trapos or institutions clearly stacked against my preferred candidate, so I wanted to avoid those stories for a while. I still checked in every so often - I could always just open the main Twitter site on the web - but definitely much less usage than before. Now that the election season is near the end, I have reversed the above changes. Hopefully, I haven't done this just in time to get my hopes crushed by the election results instead.

  • Gaming:

    • Tales of Vesperia (Steam): Completion might take a couple more weeks. D:
    • Eternal: Nothing much happening here outside of the daily grinding, but a new set is dropping next week, so that should be exciting.
    • Magic Arena: Haven't managed to draft a lot of Streets of New Capenna yet, mostly because of all the errands this week. I did manage to stream a couple of sessions already, you can follow along via the MTGSNC tag
    • Street Fighter V: It feels like I only manage to play 2-3 matches per week nowadays.
    • Purchased the new expansion for Root as soon as it came out! Saturday gaming group are playing it async during the week while out weekend sessions are for Gloomhaven (which I might write a review for soon.)
    • I should probably start a new single-player game soon!

Media Diet

Watched some MCU stuff this week that I felt could use their own post instead of being included here: Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Moon Knight

  • Jingo by Terry Pratchett

    • This is Discworld book 21, from the City Watch sub-series. I had a hard copy of this one! This one is about Ankh-Morpokh at war! The war is with the neighboring kingdom of Klatch, which seems to be a parody of Arabian (?) society. Reasonably good, and Pratchett continues to tease us with Carrot's charisma, I wonder if he ever pulls the trigger on that. No new watchmen join this time around, but Vimes continues to fail upwards spectacularly. Vetenari kind of acts like a McGuffin at the end, but that's fine. Overall probably a bit better than Feet of Clay. I do think I've had my fill of Discworld for a while though, I think that's already the 5th book this year? I have some other novels to read, so maybe I'll come back to the Disc later this year.

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  • Picard season 2

    • It feels like a lot of people were hating on this season, but I felt it was fine. The middle part kind of dragged out a bit, they probably spent way too much time unnecessarily in 2024. And the whole thing being Q's way to relieve Picard of his trauma was kind of lame. Men will literally travel across universes and break the timeline instead of going to therapy. Looks like a lot of the cast aren't coming back for the next season though. There was a whole subplot with Soong and his daughter that felt completely irrelevant too, especially now that we know the actress isn't coming back. I'll still be watching next season, looking forward to seeing the TNG crew together again!
  • Ongoing TV Status:

    • Caught up: Young Justice, NCIS
    • Behind: Legends of Tomorrow, The Simpsons, Superman and Lois, The Flash season 8
    • Yet to start: Cobra Kai season 4,

This coming week:

  • PH Elections tomorrow!
  • Limited open next weekend on Arena: Another chance to do horribly!
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