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Today is Easter Sunday, if you celebrate that kind of thing. It's kind of a good time to start afresh. And maybe also to remember we are already three and a half months into this year, the third of the pandemic.

A Quote

'We're all just people.' Nanny blew a cloud of blue smoke at the chimney. 'Everyone's just people.' -- Terry Pratchett in Wyrd Sisters

This one felt really poignant to me for some reason.

The World

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My Week

  • On The Blog:

  • My week felt largely uneventful. I cut down on gaming for the second half of the week (from Thursday onwards) in a bid to bring back some solemnity to Holy Week. Ended up reading a bunch of books instead, something I haven't done in like maybe 15 years or so! That made me really happy.

  • Vague status: I got a bit annoyed at certain people for unsolicited advice that wasn't even well-considered. I also got sad about something I just found out about today because it dashed my hopes about something I had been hoping would happen in the future. Let's see if future me can figure this out 10 years from now.

  • This site has joined the Fediring! It actually took me a few days to do this, mostly because my initial attempts to send them an email met with an error which apparently had to be fixed on the SourceHut side. It took me several steps to figure out where to report this; from Mastodon I was redirected to IRC and from there told to send to the mailing list. After the fix, I was so happy to be able to report an issue and participate in some kind of open source community thing that I immediately violated the mailing list's etiquette by top-posting in my last reply. Oops, at least I didn't get told off.

  • Gaming:

    • Ongoing:
      • Tales of Vesperia (Steam): I finished a bunch of quests before setting the game aside for the long weekend. I actually thought I needed to automate a certain quest which required me to keep rolling at an in-game gacha machine because the drops I needed weren't coming, so I studied AutoHotkey and set up a script and ran it for a few hours only to still not get the items I needed and it turned out I just hadn't triggered the quest step that would make those items available and afterwards they were easy enough to get that I didn't need the script at all. At least I learned something?
      • Metroid Dread (Nintendo Switch): I am at the final boss! Item completion is at 100%! Will try to finish next week.
      • Eternal: Still drafting, in prep for next weekend's Open.
      • Street Fighter V: Almost made it to Super Silver before crashing back down again.
      • Magic Arena: There was a Historic Open this weekend. I did a best of 3 run with BG Food, died horribly in the first game. One would think that would be the end of that, but I saw a nice UR deck that I liked and decided I could bring this to day 2, so I spent the last of my gems to try again, this time in best of 1. And I didn't get there! And that was the end of that, because I was out of gems and gold and couldn't enter anymore right? But noooo! I lost to so many misplays so I was like surely I could do better, so I finally broke Arena free to play and spent $5 on the welcome bundle so I can afford one more run! And I was close, but I still didn't get there! That was a bad day. =/

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Media Diet

  • Back to the Future: The Musical

    • A friend informed me that a musical version of one of my all-time favorites movies Back To The Future existed and had recently won a Laurence Olivier award or something, beating out Moulin Rouge. It's highly unlikely I'm ever able to watch the musical, so I just decided to listen to the songs and luckily they were on Spotify. The songs are surprisingly okay, and it looks like the musical closely follows the plot of the film!
  • Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett

    • This is Discworld book 6. This one took me a couple of weeks to get through, mostly because it was a physical book and I always have trouble finding a nice spot to read physical books with decent lighting especially at night. The story feels familiar, it's possible I have read this a long time ago before and already forgot, especially since my copy of the book isn't in the best condition. Nevertheless, it's still an entertaining read, one where Pratchett pokes fun at a bunch of fairy tale and hero's journey tropes.

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(The rest of the books I read this week were digital.)

    • This is the second Poirot novel, which means it gets to reference the first book, the Mysterious Affair at Styles. The setup here seems more complicated than the previous book, and once again Poirot has his prior knowledge to draw from which allows him to make early inferences outside of the reader's scope. I think the solution to this one might actually be guessable partway through, but only if you were playing close attention. An entertaining enough read and quite short: I finished this in one day.
  • Eric by Terry Pratchett

    • This one is Discworld book 9. Read it on Kindle this time, and it's the shortest of the books I read the past week. Looks like Pratchett took the opportunity to describe the Discworld's version of demons and hell and at the same time find an excuse for getting Rincewind out of the Dark Dimensions he was trapped in at the end of Sourcery. Aside from parodying demons granting wishes, it also provides the Discworld's version of the apocalyptic prophesies, the Trojan war, and the beginning and end of the universe. The book doesn't tell us where Rincewind ends up afterwards, but I'm pretty sure he survived since I already read one of the later Rincewind books earlier this year. A quick read, again finished in a day.
  • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie

    • I always go into the Poirot novels blind since I know very little about them, but I was aware this one was considered one of Christie's best. And honestly as I was reading it was pretty good but I didn't feel it rose to that kind of level (that or Christie was overrated), but then the ending completely blindsided me and I knew then why it had that reptuation. It was the kind of ending that made you reconsider everything else that happened earlier in the book. Fantastic book, but still relatively short, this one took me a day plus an hour and a half past midnight.
  • Ongoing TV Status:

    • Caught up: Young Justice, Superman and Lois, Star Trek Picard season 2, The Flash season 8
    • Behind: Legends of Tomorrow, NCIS, The Simpsons
    • Yet to start: Cobra Kai season 4, Moon Knight
  • Currently Reading: Still have some Discworld books queued up, we'll see where it goes.

This coming week:

  • Eternal: Draft Open next weekend! Hopefully it goes better than the Arena one!
  • Ludum Dare results should be out next weekend!
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