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It's April! Still the world turns. Sigh.

This entry is coming in a day late because I was busy during the weekend.

The World

  • Putin's invasion of Ukraine is now in its 6th week. The Russians have withdrawn from the Kyiv region and more of their atrocities have been revealed in their wake.
  • PH/Politics: There was another Comelec-sponsored presidential debate last night, apparently the last one, but I was unable to watch. Sounds like my preferred candidate did well though.
  • PH/Covid: Cases continue to remain low, but we should keep our guard up.
  • Showbusiness: The big news last week was the Oscars, mostly because Will Smith went up and slapped host Chris Rock on-stage after a joke about his wife's baldness. Everyone on the internet felt like giving their opinion about it.

I was quite busy this week so I'm way behind on my online reading, so nothing here for now. Hopefully back again next week!

Visit the Links page for more links of interest.

My Week

  • This past week, I accepted an invite to a wedding in mid-late April. This will be my first "social" event since the pandemic. It should be fine right? Cases are down! Hopefully they stay down.
  • I had a billing issue that I've been trying to resolve with my ISP for the past couple of months. Looks like it was finally resolved in our latest bill that came this past week. Will maybe write about it at some point.
  • Gamedev: My weekend was exhausting, mostly because I chose to participate in the Ludum Dare 50 game jam. Basically had to make a game from scratch by myself in 48 hours, based on a theme. Had a rough time, but managed to make and submit a kind of bullet hell shooter game. I'll do a longer writeup sometime this week, but you can play the game now on!
  • Gaming:
    • I came up on 100 games of Wordle last night:
    • Yes, I am still playing Wordle! I'm also still regularly playing the following Wordle variants: Saltong (all 3), Dordle, Quordle, and Squardle, usually in that order, which is increasing difficulty for me. But during this past week I've started to slip and actually missed some of them (except for OG Wordle), so it's possible that I'm starting to get tired of this as a daily habit.
    • I briefly considered some kind of Wordle variant for the Ludum Dare, but couldn't think of a way to make it fit the theme.
    • Ongoing:
      • Tales of Vesperia (Steam): I'm into the meat of the second run, tackling one of the game's optional post-game dungeons. My brother passed by this weekend and we were talking about RPGs and it felt like he had already finished a number of them this year, while here I was still doing Vesperia and I was like "Where do you find the time?" and he was like "Why are you taking so long?" Turns out the difference was that I was usually going for completion, while he just stopped when he finished the game, which for a game like Vesperia can be a difference of a hundred hours! Maybe I should rethink my completionist tendencies lol.
      • Finally started playing a new game: My brother had lent me Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch last month and I decided to start on it early this past week. The game is very good, and the bosses are very challenging (for me at least). The gameplay loop is great; as is always with Metroidvanias, I often found myself trapped in that loop of "Defeat a boss => Unlock a new ability => Backtrack / explore to find stuff this ability unlocks => Oops found another boss". I may or may not have spent waaaay too many hours on Metroid Dread last Thursday and Friday.
    • Card games: After the busy card games events last weekend, this past week was pretty chill. Just the usual daily grinding. Didn't make mythic in Magic Arena this month, but that's fine. I need to prepare for a Historic open in mid-April though. For Eternal Card Game, I'm probably going to try drafting this month, since I believe there is a draft open towards the end of April.
      • MTG: WotC released some news this past week on the future of organized play (in paper) and the OP structure for SEA seems interesting, but given that I haven't been collecting any cards for the past 2 or 3 years means I don't actually have any decks to play paper constructed with! I'm kind of thinking to just permanently shift to being an Arena-only player for MTG, but I've "quit" paper Magic before always found myself coming back, so only time will tell if I manage to stay away this time.
    • Ongoing Fighting games: Still only the occasional Street Fighter V match, and still stuck insilver.
    • I did my second stream of bundle games!. Since I participated in Ludum Dare, I need to rate the game jam games, so I'm thinking of maybe streaming that this week instead of the ones?
  • Watching:
    • I did watch one movie this week, Death on the Nile (2022). Will probably write it up in a future "watching lately" post.
    • TV:
      • I started watching Our Flag Means Death because I saw people recommending it. About halfway through now I think. It's okay. I place it about the same as Only Murders In The Building.
      • Behind: Legends of Tomorrow, Young Justice, Superman and Lois, Star Trek Picard season 2, NCIS, The Simpsons
      • Yet to start: Cobra Kai season 4, Moon Knight
  • Reading: Still reading Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett. The book isn't long, I just haven't had a lot of chances to sit down and read through it.

This coming week:

  • Preview season for MTG's next set Streets of New Capenna start this week
  • It's Palm Sunday next week!

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