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With Neon Dynasty Quick Draft no longer available on Magic Arena, I'm more or less done with Neon Dynasty limited and will be shifting to constructed and prepping for the next set. Since I have the benefit of streaming and recording most of my matches (click the MTGNEO tag link at the bottom of this post for the list), I thought I'd collate my stats for this limited season.

Here are the stats, with notes afterwards:

Events Win Loss Total Winrate
Total 26 90 70 160 0.5625
With splash 6 16 18 34 0.4706
By Main Colors
UW 2 8 6 14 0.5714
UB 3 12 7 19 0.6316
BG 2 4 6 10 0.4
RW 5 9 15 24 0.375
GW 4 13 9 22 0.5909
BW 6 27 17 44 0.6136
R 2 10 6 16 0.625
RB 2 7 4 11 0.6364
By Color
White 17 57 47 104 0.5481
Blue 5 20 13 33 0.6061
Black 13 50 34 84 0.5952
Red 9 26 25 51 0.5098
Green 6 17 15 32 0.5313
By Format
Sealed 2 4 6 10 0.4
Premier Draft 19 69 53 122 0.5656
Quick Draft 4 14 11 25 0.56
Phantom Bot Draft 1 3 0 3 1
By Ranks
Bronze 2 5 5 10 0.5
Silver 6 16 11 37 0.5926
Gold 10 25 28 53 0.4717
Platinum 9 40 23 63 0.6349
Quick/Premier Drafts By Outcome
7-x 2
6-x 4
5-x 1
4-x 5
3-x 3
2-x 4
1-x 3
0-x 1


  • win rate goes down significantly for decks with splash color(s), so I should have probably stopped randomly dropping in stuff like Isshin, Two Heavens as One
  • by Main Color:
    • winningest for me were Rakdos (RB), Dimir (UB), Monored (Surprising!), and Orzhov (BW)
    • most-played was BW, probably because there was a lot of removal in those colors so I kept being tempted to go into it
    • I also played a lot of RW (just one event less than BW), mostly for the same reason, but this was more of a trap, as this color pair performed significantly worse
    • color pairs / archetypes I never got to try out were mostly green and blue ones: RG (Modified), UG (Ramp), UR (Artifacts). I think I never really grokked those colors until late in the season and by then it was just too hard for such decks to come together
  • by Color:
    • unsurprisingly reinforcing the above observations: Black, White ahead by a lot (due to removal), with Red a distant third; Green and Blue just rarely came together for me
  • by Format:
    • I had two Sealed runs, one at the start of the season when I had no idea what was going on, and the second one was the Arena Open, where I just performed really poorly
    • the Sealed winrate is so much lower than the drafts that I probably should have just practiced more sealed? Low sample size doesn't help.
    • low sample size for Quick Draft, but the winrate for Quick and Premier are about the same
    • that one Phantom Bot Draft was for the Midweek Magic event
  • by Ranks:
    • looks like I struggled a lot in gold for some reason, but once I got over that hump, I did relatively well in platinum (getting my first trophy there)
  • Quick/Premier Drafts by Outcome:
    • Not a lot of 7s and 6s, and unfortunately a 0
  • Overall:
    • I played 26 events for 160 games total with a 56.25% win rate
    • Compared to my Paper Magic stats, that's roughly 4.5 times more booster draft games in one limited season vs all of 2001-2019. Just goes to show how absurd the number of games played on Arena is. It's highly unlikely I would ever play 26 drafts in a single set season in paper, as that would be quite expensive! (Of course I also played a nontrivial number of drafts on MTGO, but I don't have stats for those...)
    • Draft winrate is slightly lower than my paper magic booster draft winrate of 62.86%, but not by much; the difference might be attributable to the difference in sample size
    • My sealed winrate is a lot better on paper, probably because I played a lot more sealed in paper (mostly prereleases and Grand Prix day 1s)

Stats and winrates aside, I'm very happy with Neon Dynasty as a limited format. Fairly balanced, and the mechanics are all very good and well-designed (although I guess the RW one is a bit weaker), and probably one of the best draft formats in recent memory.

I like this type of limited format recap stats post! I'll keep doing it moving forward (starting with New Capenna in late April!), and will probably also try to generate (back-dated) similar posts for previous sets (I should have records of all my limited stuff since I started streaming with Theros Beyond Death at the start of the pandemic!)

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