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Actually managed to get through some of the TV backlog this week.

The Book of Boba Fett

This show started out okay, but then rapidly found itself trying to do too many things at once and bringing in so many Star Wars references and two whole episodes weren't even about Boba Fett. The show could have used a standalone season that fleshes out Boba Fett's character, why he chose to be where he is now (other than his motivation from the Mandalorian of "I want my armor. That was my dad's armor!") before trying to bring in all the other Star Wars stuff. The Mandalorian had a fantastic first season precisely because it brought it's own flavor and was just a cool standalone adventure, you'd think they'd have learned from that.

The Witcher Season 02

Pretty much more of the same as season 1, which isn't a bad thing really. I really like it when Geralt goes into monster hunting mode, really reminds me of the games and makes me want to play them again. (I really should!) This season expounds more on Ciri's backstory and introduces an antagonist that apparently wasn't sourced from the books.


This is a weird nonsensical show that I just started because I needed some background watching while doing other stuff. It's a combination scripted and improv show; each episode has a script, but the guest celebrity doesn't know what it is so they have to make stuff up and as they go along and they have to try to figure out at the end of each episode who the killer is. Will Arnett stars as homicide detective Terry Seattle and regularly gives his guests wildly implausible situations that they have to improv from. Not the most cerebral of shows, but good for a few laughs. I might watch a season 2, depending on who the celebrity guests are.

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