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I wrote a bunch about 2021 yesterday, and here I am again writing some more! Welcome to season 3 of weeknotes!

New Year's Day is a completely arbitrary social construct but there's a certain kind of energy in the atmosphere for the first few days of the year. The kind of energy that makes it easier to wake up early in the morning and go out for a jog or be productive or whatever resolution you may have. Perhaps it's the sense of a shared commitment from the community - a hopeful commitment to new beginnings, to becoming better and to making things better. If only we could find a way to maintain that energy for the entire cycle.

A Quote

"You've been chosen," the spirit said.


"Save the world, make it kinder, cleaner, safer."




"We chose everyone."

-- from MicroSFF

The World

  • I find it a bit challenging to be optimistic about our country for the coming year.
    • In the near term, we started getting our presumably-Omicron Covid surge last week, with new cases at the highest in over two months, and the positivity rate going to as high as 20%. If South Africa is any indication, we are looking at a surge that might last a month or two.
    • For later this year, we are facing an elections where the good guys are quite disadvantaged. The literal legacy of the dictator looms large upon us, dominating pre-election polls, seemingly unstoppable. Will we figure out how to push back in time?
  • RIP Betty White, dying on New Year's Day, 17 days short of a hundred years.
  • The Thrilla In Manila And The End Of Boxing. I started reading this only because it mentioned Manila. I ended up enjoying one fan's take on the historic Frasier and Ali fight held in my home country way back when.
  • You Don't Need Another Challenge. If you read yesterday's yearnotes, you'll notice I didn't set any sort of goals or resolutions for the coming year. We should all feel free to simply exist instead of needing to justify our existence by being productive or reading N books or making X trillion dollars or whatever. (Nothing wrong with doing any of that either!)

Visit the Links page for more links of interest.

My Stuff

  • Yesterday was New Year's Day. I didn't state any formal resolutions or anything, but the past couple of days I've found myself getting up early to take a short walk before breakfast, a habit I've let fall by the wayside during the pandemic and especially as my sleep cycles grew increasingly more chaotic. We'll see how long this lasts.
  • We had the traditional noche buena before midnight on New Year's Eve. I was really sleepy right after, 30 minutes before midnight and almost went to sleep early, breaking a lifetime tradition of staying up past midnight on NYE. I managed t get up just as it turned 2022, and went back outside to greet my folks and take in a bit of the neighborhood fireworks.
  • We are caught up on daily sketching, and completed the entire year's run for 2021! I kind of defaulted into continuing the practice in 2022, so here's the first one of the New Year:
Out on a jog
Out on a jog
  • Gaming:
  • Watching:
    • Not much in terms of new movies or TV watched last week either. I did complete a binge re-watch of New Girl before it left NetflixPH, as background watching while I did other things.
    • TV:
      • Behind: Star Trek Discovery, Legends of Tomorrow, Young Justice, The Expanse
      • Yet to start: The Witcher season 2, The Book of Boba Fett.
  • Reading: Still need to decide what book to kick off 2022 with.
  • Trivia: Still doing NYT/WaPo crossword sessions over Discord.

This coming week:

  • Was hoping to be able to watch Spider-Man No Way Home when it finally comes out on local cinemas next weekend, but with the current surge, that probably won't be pushing through. =/
  • Actually have to bring one of the parents to the hospital this week for a test, hopefully the surge won't be an issue.
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