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I keep telling myself I should write on the blog more. Other than the regular weeknotes and reviews that is.

It's not like I don't have stuff to write about - I actually have a list of "blog post ideas" that's around 200+ items long. Not to mention random discussions and interesting things I run into throughout the day.

So why aren't I writing more? It's an issue mostly of time and energy I think, but my time management issues are probably out of scope for this particular post.

Even though I have these blog post ideas running around in my head, I usually can't start writing the words until they've spent some time stewing in there. I'm not the type of person who likes to prepare and outline everything before writing, but I do need to have a general idea of the points I want to hit before I start at all. Maybe I should be committing more to the idea of just starting to write, and see where that leads, and just discard the draft if it goes nowhere? Seems inefficient from the time management perspective though.

One thing that I have been considering for a while is to do "daily summary" type posts, as a way to entice daily posting? A number of blogs I follow use this format: by Dave Winer, Colin Walker, and Pluralistic by Cory Doctorow, just off the top of my head. This format basically means writing a single post each day, which may cover multiple different topics. My problem with this approach is that I like being able to search through past posts by topic, which is why I tend to have a lot of tags. If each post is composed of different topics mixed together like MTG, gaming, politics, etc then my per-topic/tag feeds don't really work very well. So that's why I prefer the "one topic per post" format (except for my weeknotes of course).

This post was basically a lot of words just to say I'll be continuing in the same format, but I will be trying to post more often again.

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