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Been a bit busy (see below), so no links or commentary on world news today. Full format again next week. Probably. Maybe.

My stuff:

  • Due to a conflux of circumstances I had an unproductive week:
    • Tuesday: should have been a chill holiday, but our internet was out for most of the day
    • Wednesday: Ran some errands, then decided on the fly to go get my booster shot on that same day, which took an unexpectedly large chunk of my day.
    • Thursday and Friday: Suffering from booster side effects. High temps for most of Thursday, body feeling heavy through Friday. Slept a lot both days. I think my arm soreness at the injection site only went away Saturday.
    • Today, Sunday: Some visits meant time was spent entertaining houseguests.
  • IDK if it's because I got so much sleep the last few days, but my sleep has gone back to being quite broken. This is not an unusual state, but today seems to be on the worse end I couldn't sleep at all last night until after breakfast time and even then my sleep was spotty because I kept getting woken up to attend to some family things. I have less than four hours sleep so far since yesterday.
  • And yes despite my best efforts I'm still behind on my daily sketching. Here's a sketch of 2B from Nier Automata, a game I have never played:
  • Gaming:
    • Tales of Symphonia is at that point in a JRPG right before the final boss but then you have to chance to go back and do optional stuff. I'm taking my time to grind a bit to beat some optional bosses; since I may never bother with additional completion runs for this game, I want to do beat them now. So this may take another week or so to finish I guess.
    • Still struggling to climb the ranks in my regular fighting games: Guilty Gear Strive and Street Fighter V.
    • Still doing my daily games of Eternal
    • This weekend was the Crimson Vow Draft Open on Magic Arena! I've been prepping for this for a while, but sadly I did not do well.
    • I purchased the RPGs in my Steam Cart! Maybe someday I even get to play them!
  • Watching:
    • Movies: Didn't watch any this week! There are a bunch I want to watch though, just haven't found the time, energy or the continuous block of TV access to do so.
    • TV: Ongoings are Star Trek Discovery, Hawkeye, Wheel of Time, Doctor Who, Flash, etc. Still behind on most of these shows!
  • Reading: Still reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, although I didn't have the energy to for most of the week.
  • Trivia: The regular crosswords continue.
  • Misc: My bathroom light has finally been fixed. It's been weeks! It seems yellower than I remember.

This coming week:

  • Magic Arena is getting a new live digital format this week called Alchemy, with new cards dropping and some paper cards being rebalanced! There has been a louder-than-usual outcry from the usual crowd that don't like things diverging from paper Magic, but I'm cautiously optimistic for it.
  • We have a quiz night again this coming Friday!
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