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@paulcatiang Were you trying to book with a qc account? Afaik if you use the "book without an account" option it doesnt need to check your history (but you must bring your vax card to the appointment)

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@roytang Just tried booking without an account just now. I'm being asked to fill out the form again. Also I realized the booster slots aren't available to me because the system thinks I'm unvaccinated. Tried booking a first dose and voilΓ ! Open dates this week.

Roy Tang said...

@paulcatiang Hmm, I booked three booster shots thru that method wala naman problem. Pero niprovide ko ung ezconsuly patient id, idk if yun ang basis to allow boosters.


@roytang Ah, my experience is they didn't reconcile my eZconsult and QC Vax Easy records in time for my second shot. I think they don't have a system that works the same for everyone. Anyway, I'll try again when my booster date nears.