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Weeknotes 2021-11-07

It's November, which means we are that much closer to a second Christmas under the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The world:

  • Locally, new Covid cases seem to have plateaued at 2000+, but we'll see what next week brings. The IATF has dropped Metro Manila to the less restrictive alert level 2 as of last Friday, so we'll see whether that causes another spike or we continue on our way to a hopefully merry Christmas (such as it is).
  • Haley Nahman writes about when she was an influencer. A peek into the world of influencers and the pursuit of wealth as the ultimate American virtue.
  • Winnie Lim writes about how she likes discovering and reading blogs, something I can certainly relate to! I also browsed her site/blog a bit and I like how it's structured, might steal some ideas lol.
  • Noah Smith speculates: What if Xi Jinping just isn't that competent? I can't comment on the hypotheses, but the article is a good overview of Xi Jinping's reign over China thus far.
  • TweetShelf is a new service to highlight anything (articles, books, videos, links, etc) that gets shared by the people you follow on Twitter, ranked by how many of your follows shared them. The top items I've gotten so far were only shared by 3 of my follows, so I suspect you get more out of this service if you're the kind of Twitter user who follows a ridiculous amount of other people. Premium accounts can also get recommendations from Twitter lists!
  • New trailer: The Book of Boba Fett (Youtube)

Visit the Links page for more links of interest.

My stuff:

  • I keep telling myself I should post / write on the blog more and I keep meaning to, but there's so much other stuff for me to think of that I haven't really found the energy for it. Hopefully that situation improves soon.
  • Since it's November, I briefly consider doing Nanowrimo again this year, but again, energy etc.
  • I injured myself (just a small scratch on the knee) getting out of a tricycle last Thursday; I had to get off on an inclined surface, but the tricycle body was so low I misjudged where to put my foot as I stepped out and fell off-balance, rolling down the incline and landing partially on the bike lane on the road. My immediate concern as I fell was that I might get hit by a passing motorcycle I saw coming from, but luckily there was enough space for him to pass by me harmlessly. The tricycle driver helped me up, and I ended up buying some band-aids from the nearby drugstore to patch up my knee before doing my errands (one of which was at the drugstore). Wound still hasn't healed yet so it's just there annoying me.
  • Still sketching daily, and I have actually managed to get back into my routine of falling behind during weekends. The usual cause is that Friday's prompt on the subreddit is "Free Draw Friday" and I don't have the energy or inspiration to think of something to draw and the Friday block cascades to the rest of the weekend and I end up catching up on Mondays. That's probably what's gonna happen this weekend too. Anyway, since inktober2021 is over, I'm back to digital sketching using Procreate. It took me a while and it's not the best, but I think my rendition of American Gothic was pretty neat:
#sketchdaily American Gothic 307/365
  • Watching:
    • Instead of catching up to my TV backlogs, I've started watching *Seinfeld in the background since it got added back to PH Netflix.
  • Gaming:
    • The regular fare:
      • Been playing a lot of Tales of Symphonia the past week; it's gotten to that midgame JRPG phase I like where you have a lot of freedom of movement, you have enough options for comnbat / gameplay to be interesting, and the story is getting to the point where you have a clearer idea of what's actually going on.
      • Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is in GAA2 Case 4, and wow it's a doozy!
      • Daily fighting games ongoing on weeknights: Guilty Gear Strive and Street Fighter V!
      • My daily card games: Eternal and Magic Arena.
    • Saturday regular gaming group have been trying over the past few weekends to get into boardgame-translated-to-Steam Gloomhaven, but each weekend we've had to give up in frustration; at first due to one guy having problems even loading the game and later due to network disconnections and failures to rejoin. Hopefully they manage to fix/patch/improve the game soon because the core gameplay seems pretty neat - it's basically coop D&D dungeon crawling!
  • Reading: Still reading The Conjugal Dictatorship by Primitivo Mijares. My reading was a bit slower this past week, but still hoping I can finish it this week.
  • Trivia team: still bereft of quiz nights, we are just enjoying crosswords on the regular.

This coming week:

  • Innistrad Crimson Vow releases this Thursday on Magic Arena! I'll probably be able to stream a sealed or draft during the weekend maybe.
  • Eternal is also getting a new set Cold Hunt this week. I'm much less hyped about Eternal sets in general (not really paying attention to previews, etc), and I don't draft in that game anymore so it takes a while longer to collect the new set, but still it should be nice to shake up the meta.
  • Shang Chi should also be out on Disney+ this week, so I might get to watch an MCU film again!
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