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I have a bit more time and energy this week, though I am still unfortunately stuck at the hospital, taking care of loved ones. The good news is that I myself am no longer a patient, I recovered and was "discharged" a while back. Both of the loved ones still here in the hospital are past the worst of it apparently, but we still need to wait for them to recover before we can go home. The doctors are unable to give us a timeline.

As you can imagine, the hospital stay has wreaked havoc on my routines, though now that things are a bit more stable I'm trying to slowly roll back into things. Started trying to slowly catch up with the daily sketches, despite the limited materials. Still managed to [keep up my Duolingo streak(/2021/10/1446997172679938048/)]! Am of course way behind on TV episodes and such. But at least I managed to finish the book I've been reading, Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin.

I almost made it through the entire candidate registration period before commenting on the ridiculousness of Sen. Bato standing in as an obvious proxy on the last day of registration. I also managed to write down some thoughts on the Leni campaign..

I still don't feel like writing a full formatted weeknotes this week, but at least this week's entry is a bit more verbose than last week! Hopefully we are able to get back to our pandemic normals soon.

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