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On our first day back from the hospital stay I found some issues that had rise or that no one had attended to while we were away:

  • the light switch in my bathroom was faulty (looks like some corrosion), so we couldn't turn on the light (I was able to turn it on ONCE, confirming the light itself still works, then never again)
  • some rats had gotten into some extra chips I had stored around
  • my soundbar was emitting a high-pitched white noise
  • my mouse had become faulty, making it hard to NOT double-click

And then I had to help my dad with his blood sugar monitoring by using one of those glucose monitor machines where you have to prick the finger to get a drop of blood out and I was so bad at it; at first I couldn't get enough blood out then I had trouble getting the blood to go into the strip (shaky hands didn't help), and in the end it took me several tries and I wasted five strips trying to get my first reading. And all the people I asked told me it should be easy so I felt like I was being an idiot.

I had to step back and go lie down in my room and be quiet and sad for a while. During the hospital stay I tried to stay strong to carry the weight of all the worry and anxiety over the parents' conditions and the expenses and the all the medicine and monitoring needed for the recovery period and so on. But for some reason now that we were back in the comfort of home these comparatively little and minor problems got to me and I felt the weight of the past weeks crash down on me all at once.

I had to step back and go lie down in my room and be quiet and sad for a while.

It's easy to dismiss all the small stuff and minor annoyances, but they can add up - all the more if you've been dealing with stress from other sources, even those minor concerns can be the straw that breaks the camels back. It's good to recognize when everything is boiling over and you need to step back and take some time to regroup and recover and find your footing again.

I'm able to write about this now because it's gotten better, mostly. We've gotten used to the new routines since we've come back, and I've gotten better at getting the glucose readings. I've fixed the soundbar and the replacement mouse arrived yesterday. Still haven't gotten around to getting someone to look at the light switch, but I've also gotten used to showering under the glow of the cellphone flashlight so it's not too bad lol.

Also, this is probably the last post/story related to the recent hospital stay for the near future, as I want to move on as well. (I may do an update a few months down the line)

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👍 Flarnie


@roytang That whole experience in hospital sounded super rough. Glad you can take some needed time with your own feelings to not emotionally burn out