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Weeknotes 2021-09-26

There is an evolving COVID situation at home, so things are a bit busy today, this entry may be shorter than usual.

The world:

  • 2022 presidential race is heating up; Manila Mayor Isko Moreno announced his candidacy this past week (with failed senatorial candidate Dr. Willie Ong as his running mate), though some people suspect he is a spoiler candidate meant to split opposition votes. He's never really been opposition though? KBL has expectedly endorsed BongBong Marcos as their presidential candidate.
  • "I quit": Cory Doctorow on peak indifference, big tobacco, disinformation and death
  • Python as a build tool
  • 2021 Drone Photo Awards winners: Some great photos here
  • File not found: A generation that grew up with Google is forcing professors to rethink their lesson plans: The article discusses how the current generation of students lack basic computer skills such as understanding file folders and file systems. I shared this because I thought it was interesting, not necessarily a bad thing. The files in folders paradigm has been the dominant one for desktop computing for years, but it could stand some improvements. For example, search could be more ubiquitous on desktop environments; I can search for files on Windows, but it can be really slow. I do still find the ability to sort things into folders are good thing though, but even among those of my generation I know there are people who just dump all their files on the desktop (I'm always annoyed whenever I see their computers!), so if we can bring some of the user-friendliness of the web and mobile platforms to desktop, it might be good.
  • Stop making students use Eclipse

Visit the Links page for more links of interest.

My stuff:

  • Watching:
    • Movies: This week was Jack Ryan week!
    • TV: What If, Ted Lasso S2, etc. Dumb guilty pleasure show NCIS has started a new season.
  • Gaming:
    • Still playing the second game of Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and Tales of Symphonia regularly.
    • Daily fighting games ongoing on weeknights: Guilty Gear Strive and Street Fighter V!
    • Streamed some Innistrad Midnight Hunt limited a couple of times last week.
  • Reading: About two-thirds through Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin. Should be done this week.
  • There was a quiz night last week, but it was Hallyu themed, so I didn't participate. Instead I got myself a 1-year sub to NYT crossword and games, mostly because I was frustrated with our other team member's internet which always has trouble streaming the crosswords to us.

This coming week:

  • There is another Ludum Dare scheduled for next weekend! I will probably participate, if I can.
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