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Just another week.

A quote:

"Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants." – Epictetus

The world:

  • As of the 16th, we are now piloting this "alert level system with granular lockdowns" in Metro Manila. The alert level system is basically changing the ECQ/MECQ/GCQ nomenclature to numbered alert levels (a sensible move, which took them more than a year to figure out). Granular lockdowns have been implemented by LGUs even before (like QC's "special areas of concern"), though I guess these are now standardized maybe? In any case, some implementation details:
    • the lockdowns will not be announced ahead of time and will start at midnight
    • generally nobody will be allowed to enter or exit. APORs (health workers) can leave, but they can't come back, need to find somewhere else to stay
    • you can't go out, even for vaccine appointments!
  • Overall, I'm ambivalent. The strategy is obviously to open up for everyone else but keep tight control on specific smaller areas, instead of locking down the entire Metro area, in the name of The Economy. We'll see how this shakes out.
  • Duterte's quarrels with the Senate continue. How dare they investigate our corruption!
  • The ICC has authorized a full investigation into Duterte's war on drugs. As usual, the Palace just put their hands over their ears and went "lalalalalala" (we won't cooperate!)
  • Meanwhile, the Palace spokesman who mocked the UN is asking them for a job. His college and high school alma maters have spoken up to oppose. His elementary school has yet to make a statement.
  • Sigh. I'm tired of our local politics.

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From the archives, this week in history:

My stuff:

  • Spent some time this week going through old files, deleting or archiving old photos, that kind of thing. Walking through the past is a trip. Sometimes a heavy trip.
  • I wrote about mobile and tablet browsing annoyances.
  • Still sketching daily; and again behind by a few days. I swear, this streak is perpetually on the edge of being broken. Nothing I'm too happy with this week, but here's Todoroki:
Todoroki #sketchdaily 255/365
  • Watching:
    • Movies: No movies watched this week!
    • TV:
      • Finished my House rewatch and did a writeup! Have not yet started any new binges
      • Brooklyn Nine-Nine had their series finale, and it was full of fan service. Overall the season was a bit meh and felt heavy-handed in dealing with modern policing issues, but I'm glad they had to finish on their own terms and am satisfied with the ending.
      • What If: The biggest issue with this series is that each episode doesn't feel particularly important since they're alternate timelines. Oh, what if such-and-such character died? Well, then maybe these other things happen! And then?
      • Ted Lasso S2 goes a lot heavier on the character stuff, but I wish they would bring back more of that sports underdog movie feel from S1
  • Gaming:
    • Still playing the second game of Great Ace Attorney Chronicles!
    • I was a bit envious of one of my friends who was playing a JRPG, so I decided to start Tales of Symphonia on Steam (also as a proxy so I'm not tempted to by Tales of Arise). I have an ongoing game on the PS3, but I haven't touched that in a while, and Steam is so much more convenient.
    • Also bought Children of Morta the other week while it was on sale. Actually only got it because a friend thought we could coop online (seems it's local coop only), but decided to keep it anyway, looks neat.
    • Daily fighting games ongoing on weeknights: Guilty Gear Strive and Street Fighter V! Managed to get back into Silver League with Birdie!
    • New set Innistrad Midnight Hunt has dropped on Magic Arena! I've only done a sealed so far, will probably start drafting and streaming this coming week.
  • Reading: I started reading Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin. Pretty good so far.
  • No quiz nights still; trivia group still doing many crosswords via Discord streams.

This coming week:

  • Nothing specific apparently. New TV eps, etc.
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