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Weeknotes 2021-09-12

Today is the second Sunday of September, which apparently is Grandparents Day in the Philippines.

A quote:

My physics prof told me: "Math is the study of all possible worlds. Science is the study of the world we happen to live in. Someday we may find out whether those are different studies." -- Noah Smith

The world:

  • So we were supposed to ease lockdowns in Metro Manila last Sep 7, with restaurants being open again (at reduced capacity) and so on. At the last minute, the night before the lockdown was supposed to ease, the IATF walked back the announcement because they hadn't finalized the guidelines or whatever. This frustrated a lot of people, particularly business owners and employers, since they had already prepared to reopen. We are presumably going to be switching to a new system again after the 15th, let's see what happens.
  • A video leaked of a zoom call where the presidential spokesperson went ballistic over doctors pleading that the lockdown easing be delayed given the rise in cases.
  • Meanwhile, we are once again hitting record numbers of new cases, and a there's still a lot of controversy over the government's pandemic procurements, and the president is still responding with whataboutisms and ad hominems, even threatening to withhold government cooperation with the Red Cross. IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC! I'm not sure if he expects the senators to back down or something, seems impossible. There is way too much shit going on to comment on everything. It's exasperating.

I'm a bit behind; I have a bunch of other links and pages I need to visit before I can share them. Visit the Links page for more links of interest.

From the archives, this week in history:

  • 2008: Grand Prix Manila, my first Grand Prix event!
  • 2001: 9/11. I wish I had already been blogging at the time so that I would have some record of my thoughts from that day. I remember waking up and seeing the footage of the twin towers collapsing on TV and feeling chills. The world changed on that day, 20 years ago, for the worse.

My stuff:

Red Lantern Kara Zor-el #sketchdaily 247/365 [22:50] I like how this turned out, so here’s the timelapse
  • Watching:
    • Movies: No movies watched this week!
    • TV: Fifth episode of What If was even darker than last weeks!? Legends of Tomorrow season is over, I was a bit meh on it overall and Bishop was a lame villain, but I'm still glad the show exists. Ted Lasso S2 is still going on, but it seems to be taking a weird direction. Am close to the end of my House rewatch.
  • Gaming:
    • Playing the second game of Great Ace Attorney Chronicles!
    • Daily fighting games ongoing on weeknights: Guilty Gear Strive and Street Fighter V!
    • I tried my hand at a pair of big tournaments this weekend: there's the Throne Open in Eternal and a Historic Open in Magic Arena. Unfortunately I've scrubbed out of both tournaments already. That's what I get for choosing my decks the day(s) before!
  • Reading: I finished reading The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin!
  • No quiz nights still, so trivia group still doing crosswords via Discord streams, multiple times a week even! In addition to the NYT and Newsday crosswords, we've also started doing the Washington Post crosswords, which has this neat coop mode where two people can answer the same crossword together.

This coming week:

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine series finale! (As a friend pointed out, it was a missed opportunity to end the series on 9/9)
  • Y The Last Man series on Hulu is also scheduled to start this week.
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