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“Man is only fully human when he plays!” - Friedrich Schiller

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My stuff:

  • Still sketching daily; I am again behind by a few days; here's a comic-style thing I did to celebrate the transition into PH Christmas season:
Sept 1 #sketchdaily 244/365
  • Watching:
    • Movies: Only one I watched this week is Spectre (2015), last of the James Bond run.
    • TV: Fourth episode of What If was kinda dark, wasn't it? This week's Brookyln Nine-Nine episodes were still meh. Still behind on Arrowverse stuff. Ted Lasso S2 seems to be meandering a lot. Still enjoying my House rewatch, maybe a bit too much, as I may have dreamt myself into a House-like episode.
  • Gaming:
    • Finished GAA1 in Great Ace Attorney Chronicles!
    • Daily fighting games ongoing on weeknights: Guilty Gear Strive: There's a new DLC character released for GGS this week, but I haven't encountered her as an opponent yet. Also tried to play Street Fighter V, but found it hard to find matches again. I did manage to get the 300 wins achievement already though!
    • Magic Arena: Played a lot of Jumpstart Historic Horizons! Preview / spoiler season for the upcoming set Innistrad: Midnight Hunt have also started this week. I'm not too impressed, and the new Daybound / Nightbound implement seems like it might be a bit clunky, need to see how it plays.
    • I missed Mythic rank on Arena for the end of the month, but I did manage to land on the monthly Eternal Card Game leaderboards for the first time!
  • Reading: A bit more than halfway through Ursula K LeGuin's Left Hand of Darkness
  • No quiz nights still, so trivia group still doing the NYT crosswords and also occasionally the Newsday crossword, even though it sometimes has sus clues

This coming week:

  • Tales of Arise releases this week; but I probably won't be getting it immediately, especially since I still have a couple of older Tales games on the backlog
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