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Smaller Tasks

Your task lists / to-do lists should be broken down so that individual tasks are as small as possible.

Smaller tasks make it easier to overcome the initial laziness / inertia before starting any sort of work. This is especially relevant to me as a lazy person.

Goofing around with smaller tasks might seem like you're putting off the bigger, more important things to do, but accomplishing a series of smaller tasks can give you enough momentum to tackle the bigger problems. It helps you get into the 'flow' necessary to tackle bigger things.

Focusing exclusively on the bigger tasks risks getting bogged down in paralysis as you stare down the huge, complicated effort.

Bigger tasks should be broken down into smaller tasks anyway. That should be the first task. If you're unable to break down the bigger tasks, it might be that you don't yet understand it well enough.

As an example: I originally planned to write a blog post about how I manage my person todo/task lists, but that seemed daunting. So I was like, I'll write a shorter blog post instead, about smaller tasks.

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