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This mindset reflects someone who doesn't respect institutions or the law or civilized agreements, and basically respects only one thing: power. That's why he thinks people who oppose China wants war and why he doesn't want to offend them, power is all he sees, like thug he is

Quoted gmanews's tweet:

President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday night said the Philippines' arbitral victory in 2016 against China's massive claims in the West Philippine Sea before the United Nations is just paper fit to be thrown in the trash.


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For this kind of person, you can't be right because of the law or because of principle, you can only be right if you had the ability to enforce that right. Basically the type of leader who would just collaborate with any invaders who managed to overpower us and would say wag na lang tayo gumawa ng gulo, andyan na e.

Ugh typos and poor grammar in these tweets. Too lazy to edit and re-post

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