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#WandaVision spoiler-free review:

  • Overall, I really liked it, and I think they did well with the one-episode-per-week format. The show certainly would not have been this hyped if it all came in one drop
  • Really difficult to not spoil. If you have somehow avoid being spoiled by the internet until it all dropped, good for you!
  • A very emotional story of Wanda dealing with the aftermath of Infinity War/Endgame
  • good usage of the sitcom tropes
  • fantastic performance by Elisabeth Olsen
  • lots of fan service for comic book fans to dig into. Maybe too much even; don't overthink or overhype it to yourself
  • most of the episodes have something like 5-6 minutes of credits. Episodes 7 and 8 have a mid-credits scene. Episode 9 has both mid and post credits.

Looking forward to Falcon and Winter Soldier next!

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